Urban Reads: Should Cities Remove Pavement?

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Schlitz Park parking lot. File photograph  by Dave Reid.

Schlitz Park parking lot. File photograph by Dave Reid.

Every time astatine The Overhead Wire we benignant done implicit 1,500 quality items astir cities and stock the champion ones with our email list. At the extremity of the week, we instrumentality immoderate of the astir fashionable stories and stock them with Urban Milwaukee readers. They are national (or international) links, sometimes entertaining and sometimes absurd, but hopefully useful.

Thinking beyond cars for message vehicles: There’s been a batch of warring implicit the percent of aboriginal message trucks the USPS volition person that volition beryllium electric, but possibly we’re reasoning astir it each wrong. More e-bikes, e-trikes and transportation vehicles mightiness beryllium 1 of the galore solutions. And that’s astir apt existent for metropolis fleets arsenic good that present volition beryllium electrical cars but could besides conscionable beryllium electrical vehicles much generally. (Mina Nada | Fast Company)

The Urban Mobility Report is backmost and inactive missing the point: Each twelvemonth Texas Transportation Institute makes a database of the astir congested cities according to their metrics, but it focuses connected car question and velocity contempt accordant critiques. During the pandemic postulation decreased a bit, but congestion decreased a lot, but you won’t perceive the details of wherefore from researchers astatine TTI. (Joe Cortright | Urban Observatory)

Aging condos request amended oversight: There’s a interest starting to look that galore condo buildings constructed successful the 70s and 80s volition soon scope the extremity of their utile beingness and request extended retrofits. But radical who unrecorded successful the buildings person fought backmost against rising condo dues alternatively of focusing connected gathering information and competent management. Better oversight could lick immoderate of the issues but for immoderate the process whitethorn beryllium excessively late. (Peter Coy | Bloomberg Businessweek)

Consider removing the pavement: In the treatment of freeway teardowns and reconnecting neighborhoods, possibly we haven’t thought capable astir besides reducing the magnitude of paved country cities contain. There’s truthful overmuch screen successful cities that induces heat, runoff, and different antagonistic externalities, it mightiness beryllium thing cities should see much seriously. (Mary Pat McGuire | Next City)

Reno tracks emissions successful existent time: Reno, Washoe County and the State of Nevada person signed a bundle concern to way section emissions successful existent clip connected an hourly, daily, and monthly basis. The archetypal measurement volition beryllium moving with a startup to acceptable a baseline level of emissions utilizing c mapping exertion that volition past beryllium utilized to comparison against targets successful the Paris Agreement. (Sarah Wray | Cities Today)

Quote of the Week

This process besides creates a chemic absorption called photocatalysis (one sped up by light)  that generates energized electrons that oxidize and interruption down pollutants from cars and trucks. This creates a “smog-eating” effect, which serves arsenic a descend for pollutants the aforesaid mode trees bash (one mile of the worldly has the aforesaid interaction arsenic 20 acres of trees, the institution claims).

Audrey Carleton successful Motherboard discussing the process for cooling streets by spraying titanium dioxide connected the surface.

This week connected the podcast, Chuck Wolfe joins the amusement to speech astir his caller book, Sustaining a City’s Culture and Character.

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