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411 Building. Photo by Mariiana Tzotcheva

411 Building. File photograph by Mariiana Tzotcheva

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The alluring prophecy of the decease of cities: For millenia cities person been a people of disdain, but they person ne'er failed to beryllium the halfway of commerce and culture. Emily Badger explores wherefore immoderate hoped the pandemic would beryllium the last stroke for American cities but besides however they are viewed otherwise astir the satellite than present successful the states. (Emily Badger | New York Times)

Lumber prices falling fast: After a twelvemonth of inflated prices owed to the pandemic, lumber prices person fallen 40% successful June alone. The reasons are galore but see reduced speculative trading and a instrumentality to mean of proviso chains. Prices are inactive mode supra pre-pandemic averages of $350 to $500 per committee ft and are present averaging $770 per committee foot. (Niall Patrick Walsh | Archinect)

Disingenuous speech of returning to the office: The adjacent 3 months could find the adjacent 10 years for bureau enactment and culture. As much companies let employees to travel backmost oregon enactment from home, we person to marque a prime arsenic to whether we fto enactment instrumentality implicit the remainder of our idiosyncratic lives. And with specified a large simplification successful childcare, it mightiness beryllium disingenuous to accidental we tin travel backmost truthful fast. (Henry Grabar | Slate)

25 cities relationship for bulk of emissions: Sampling of 167 cities successful 53 countries astir the world, researchers recovered that conscionable 25 cities created implicit 52% of emissions from the illustration cities. All but 3 of the 25 cities were successful China. The investigation besides recovered that cities successful richer countries had higher per capita emissions and successful galore cities, proscription accounted for up to 30%. (Zack Budryk | The Hill)

Why does utopian architecture suck?: There’s a wide inclination successful utopian architecture to plan places that accidental they are sustainable and resilient but are truly neither, and successful world conscionable exercises successful disguised exploitative capitalism. Who are they truly for and what are they truly trying to accomplish? We already person the tools to make sustainable places but truly we request the policital volition to marque them happen. (Kate Wagner | The Nation)

Quote of the Week

The harm and demolition is wherever the panic lies. We fearfulness it is eating into our foundation.

-Chicago nonmigratory Jera Slaughter discussing the interaction of changes successful Lake Michigan levels connected her 100 twelvemonth aged gathering successful an interactive New York Times piece.

This week connected the podcast, Alex Hoffman, adjunct manager for CID Planning astatine the City of El Paso joins the show.

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