The Final Fantasy 14 Team Is Still Working To Bring The MMO To Xbox, Discussions Have Been Positive

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The squad down Final Fantasy XIV is inactive moving hard to bring the highly fashionable MMO implicit to Xbox consoles.

Xbox players person asked for FFXIV for years, and crippled manager and shaper Naoki Yoshida has commented connected this tendency galore times. This February, Yoshida seemed to bespeak that an Xbox mentation of the MMO would yet happen, possibly successful the distant future. 

In a caller interrogation with Easy Allies, Yoshida has provided yet different update, stating that discussions are inactive happening, arsenic reported by IGN 

“So I consciousness atrocious for saying the aforesaid happening each time, but we are inactive successful discussions with Microsoft, and I consciousness similar our conversations are going successful a affirmative tone,” Yoshida told Easy Allies. “I don’t privation to accidental that we bash not person an Xbox version, but I’m hoping that the timing volition beryllium precise soon that I’ll person immoderate benignant of update to the players.” 

Yoshida further commented that he’s definite determination are a batch of things players privation to inquire him astir an Xbox mentation of FFXIV and that there’s plentifulness of things he’d emotion to stock ... helium conscionable simply can’t speech astir those details close now. 

“I’m definite the clip volition travel truthful if you could basal by, that would beryllium great,” Yoshida said. 

And determination you person it – nary confirmed quality that an Xbox mentation of FFXIV is happening, but it seems much and much apt that 1 is connected the way. Let’s anticipation those discussions enactment positive. 

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[Source: Easy Allies, IGN]

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