Taverns: Ollie’s Bar Is For Sale

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Angeline Terry


A historic, century-old country barroom connected adjacent South Side could beryllium yours.

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Ollie's, 100-104 W. Maple St. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Ollie’s, 100-104 W. Maple St. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

You tin ain a portion of Milwaukee history. Ollie’s is for sale, according to a neon poster committee hung connected the beforehand of the southside tavern.

The bar, 100 W. Maple St., was lauded for its 100+ twelvemonth past and affordable drinks successful a 2018 Bar Exam column by Michael Horne.

“The tavern ne'er got the microbeer memo, truthful each you volition find is the commercialized stuff,” Horne wrote. “But, with a mini pitcher of Miller and a changeable of brandy moving you little than $5, this spot is known arsenic 1 of the cheapest taverns successful town.”

The file besides discussed the likelihood the tavern would yet beryllium sold, owed to the declining wellness of proprietor Louise Burdue. She bought the barroom with her husband Orville (or “Ollie”) successful 1995 from Salvatore Gumina. Orville passed distant successful 1999 and Louise took implicit but kept the name.

But the tavern ran into occupation earlier the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. In February 2020, the Common Council voted unanimously to adjacent the barroom aft proceeding neighbour complaints astir noise, a constabulary study connected the barroom operating with an expired licence and concerns from country Alderman Jose G. Perez astir cause overdoses astatine the spot involving the Burdue family, 1 of which was fatal.

By July 2020, Ollie’s posted connected Facebook that the barroom was for sale. No terms was given. The station prompts funny buyers to telephone Louise oregon her friends and family, Rick Notarpole, Melissa Burdue oregon Melinda Burdue, at (414) 384-1583. The radical replied to a remark successful June 2021 confirming that the barroom is inactive for sale, but nary of the individuals responded to a petition for much information.

City records bespeak the gathering was constructed successful 1898. The operation includes the barroom and a two-bedroom apartment. It is assessed for $136,800. It is located successful the Clock Tower Acres neighborhood, conscionable westbound of S. Kinnickinnic Ave. and the intersection of the Harbor District, Walker’s Point and Bay View neighborhoods.


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