STUMPS: England survive tricky few overs

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They whitethorn person needed Mitchel Starc's beforehand ft to bash so, but England person survived the day.

A tricky 5 overs navigated, they spell successful 0-13, 403 runs down the hosts.

Weather permitting it's shaping up to beryllium a cracking adjacent mates of days arsenic Australia pursuit different victory, with the bid already decided - but it was a caller look who stole the show, Usman Khawaja's superb period putting Australia good and genuinely connected the beforehand foot.

For what feels similar the archetypal clip successful the full series, England get a spot of luck - A cracking shot from Mitchell Starc to Zak Crawley, who edges it consecutive to David Warner - but the replay shows it's a no-ball!

It wasn't by much, either - you could conscionable spot a fraction of the achromatic enactment down the backmost of his footwear arsenic helium archetypal planted his ft - but that's each you need.

England astir apt lone request to past 1 much implicit connected the day.

Nathan Lyon belts 1 disconnected Stuart Broad into the members stand, and that's capable for Pat Cummins to question them in.

A superb 16 disconnected 7 for Lyon portion Mitchell Starc finishes connected 34 not out, continuing his sparkling signifier arsenic an all-rounder and ensuring his Test mean since precocious 2019 remains supra Virat Kohli's.

Play cannot proceed past 6.30pm, truthful Australia volition get the caller shot astatine the English openers for a fistful of overs, and would dearly emotion a speedy breakthrough.

A superb sound comes to an extremity - Australia had surely picked the tempo up successful caller overs and helium conscionable gets this 1 wrong, chopping a consecutive 1 extracurricular disconnected onto his stumps.

That's 5 wickets for Broad who has bowled superbly contiguous - if he'd had a spot much support, it whitethorn person been a antithetic communicative for England.

Instead, Khawaja goes for 137, with Australia 2 abbreviated of passing 400-mark. There's 13 overs near successful the time truthful we whitethorn yet spot England retired determination tonight.

A bully cameo from the skipper comes to an extremity - aft helium was initially fixed retired LBW lone to beryllium saved by DRS, it proved his force a fewer minutes later.

A bouncer from Stuart Broad was initially ruled not out, but the replay - and much importantly, ultraedge - showed a spike arsenic the shot veered past the knuckle of his glove.

Broad gets his 4th wicket and Mitchell Starc comes to the crease.

That's 100 for Khawaja! A superb innings and a large communicative for a antheral who has truthful often been near retired of the spotlight since his debut, much than a decennary ago.

It's not often (or possibly ever before) that Pat Cummins gets jeered astatine the SCG, but with Khawaja astatine the non-striker's extremity connected 99 and part-timer Dawid Malan bowling, the assemblage grew restless arsenic beverage approached and 3 dot balls successful a enactment started the over.

Those turned to cheers arsenic Cummins whacked 2 boundaries successful a row, but boos erstwhile again arsenic helium worked a azygous distant connected the past shot to clasp the strike.

Jack Leach came successful for the past six balls earlier beverage and aft 2 guardant defences, the skipper pushed a azygous done constituent arsenic the assemblage roared.

Khawaja whipped the archetypal shot his faced disconnected his pads for 3 earlier saluting the assemblage - and hitting the LeBron James solemnisation successful the process.

That was a accelerated travel from fractional to afloat century, too. His archetypal 50 came from 134 deliveries, the 2nd conscionable 67.

The skipper gets the wicket and Australia are into the bowlers present - arsenic Pat Cummins comes to the crease to look his other number.

The Aussie keeper goes for the large slog implicit midwicket but gets his hands a spot excessively loose, opening the look of the bat up and sending the shot consecutive up successful the aerial - and successful the extremity it's a precise bully drawback from Jonny Bairstow moving backmost astatine mid-off.

Carey departs for 13 and Australia volition astir apt look to prime the tempo up arsenic beverage looms successful fractional an hr oregon so.

Play is erstwhile again stopped - but not for the upwind this time.

Jos Buttler is down with a digit wounded which requires lengthy attraction earlier helium comes backmost into the contest.

After Ben Stokes' earlier issues the past happening the visitors request is much radical connected the attraction table.

Well, that reprieve lone kept Green astatine the crease for an other 5 balls! That's what people helium departs for, arsenic Stuart Broad strikes again!

Lovely bowling from Broad, he's been fantabulous successful this league - bully length, it tails backmost precocious distant from Green's pads and helium gets the bat down, but lone succeeds successful edging it to Zak Crawley astatine 3rd slip, who takes a regular catch.

He dug a mates of shortish ones successful to the taller batter successful Green, earlier pitching that 1 up to get the breakthrough - fundamentally the reverse maneuver of however helium got Smith. Fantastic worldly arsenic England rally connected time two!

An eventful fewer balls determination - first, Usman Khawaja brings up his 50 connected his instrumentality to the squad which you perfectly emotion to see.

Mark Wood is backmost into the onslaught successful the adjacent implicit and caller antheral Cameron Green edges connected to the slips, wherever it bounces conscionable successful beforehand of Ben Stokes and races down past 3rd antheral for a boundary.

You'd person to deliberation if helium was afloat acceptable helium would person made immoderate benignant of diving effort astatine that, and honestly, it was a batch person than archetypal realised erstwhile you spot the replay. Definitely a half-chance astatine slightest and an flight for Green, who has struggled with the bat truthful acold successful this series.

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