State Democrats Push $15 Minimum Wage

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Wisconsin State Capitol. Photo by Mariiana Tzotcheva.

Wisconsin State Capitol. Photo by Mariiana Tzotcheva.

Democratic authorities lawmakers unveiled respective bills connected Thursday aimed astatine supporting workers and spurring economical growth, including a program that would rise the Wisconsin minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The proposals apt look agelong likelihood earlier the Republican-controlled authorities Legislature, but their backers accidental the changes are indispensable to combat problems like the state’s idiosyncratic shortage.

“I privation that we could each beryllium lasting present contiguous saying that radical each crossed the authorities of Wisconsin are, successful fact, financially unafraid and that our system is really moving for them — but that’s not the lawsuit for excessively galore of our friends and neighbors,” said Sen. Melissa Agard, D-Madison, astatine a Capitol property conference.

One of the Democratic bills, which would rise the authorities minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour, mirrors a authorities fund proposal from Gov. Tony Evers. Republicans removed the connection from the budget.

“Gov. Evers laid retired a imaginativeness successful his projected authorities fund that would person helped to physique a beardown instauration for economical information for each Wisconsinites,” Agard said. “But the Republicans chose to bash less.”

Under the bill, the minimum wage would beryllium instantly raised to $10.15 an hour and to $15 an hr 1 twelvemonth aft the bill’s passage. It would besides necessitate the authorities to revise the minimum wage annually based connected the user terms scale and barroom little wages for tipped workers successful the state.

State Rep. Francesca Hong, D-Madison, a tiny concern proprietor who is co-sponsoring the minimum wage bill, said higher wages should beryllium considered an concern by concern owners. She argued amended wages would trim worker turnover, which tin beryllium costly, and amended productivity. Hong characterized the wage bump arsenic not lone fiscally responsible, but morally necessary.

“No idiosyncratic moving a full-time occupation should beryllium surviving successful poverty, should beryllium disquieted astir having to enactment 2 to 3 jobs to marque ends meet,” she said.

Other bills successful the Democratic bundle would:

  • Establish a babe bonds programme successful Wisconsin. Under the program, for each babe calved to a household that qualifies for Medicaid, the authorities would deposit $3,000 into a spot money that would beryllium accessible for expenses similar post-secondary acquisition oregon starting a concern erstwhile the kid turns 18 years old.
  • Create the Wisconsin Retirement Marketplace, a website wherever Wisconsin residents could browse status plans disposable to them.
  • Create a county-based aviator programme done the Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority that would supply grants for low- and middle-income individuals that could beryllium enactment toward a down outgo for a house.
  • Provide a authorities income taxation exemption for pension payments from the Wisconsin Retirement System by nationalist information and front-line workers.
  • Require manufacturers of prescription drugs to notify the authorities Office of the Commissioner of Insurance if the terms of a cause increases much than 25 percent.

Republican leaders didn’t instantly respond to requests for remark connected the bills’ prospects.

Wisconsin Democrats Renew Push For $15 Minimum Wage was primitively published by Wisconsin Public Radio.

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