Search Committee for UW System President Named

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Van Hise Hall, location  of University of Wisconsin System offices. Photo courtesy of UW System.

Van Hise Hall, location of University of Wisconsin System offices. Photo courtesy of UW System.

After the archetypal hunt for a caller president of the University of Wisconsin System failed past year, recently elected seat of the Board of Regents Ed Manydeeds appointed a 19-member committee to effort again.

The new committee includes regents, assemblage chancellors and provosts but besides students and module members — a departure from the archetypal search, which was criticized due to the fact that it lacked the voices of students and professors. The committee is besides much than doubly the size of the archetypal one.

From the commencement of the archetypal search, spearheaded by Regent Michael M. Grebe, it was criticized for neglecting the assemblage system’s rule of shared governance, which is meant to let everyone progressive successful the medication of the state’s higher acquisition to person a voice. Grebe is an appointee of erstwhile Gov. Scott Walker.

The archetypal hunt resulted successful 1 campaigner being named, University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen. Johnsen withdrew from the search, citing “process issues.”  Following Johnsen’s withdrawal, erstwhile Gov. Tommy Thompson became the interim president.

The 2nd hunt is being tally by Regent Vice President Karen Walsh, an appointee of Gov. Tony Evers.

“We are grateful for the enactment of President Thompson, who provided exemplary guidance during the pandemic and has positioned america for aboriginal success,“ Walsh said successful a statement. “I’ve often said that the adjacent UW System president is watching us, and our advancement during Covid-19 volition nary uncertainty beryllium noticed by imaginable candidates.”

The committee is besides acceptable to clasp listening sessions astatine each of the system’s 13 campuses, different measurement for accrued reliance connected shared governance.

Control of the hunt process played a large relation successful the predetermination of Manydeeds, an Evers appointee, arsenic Regent president past month. Manydeeds was enactment distant arsenic a campaigner by the different Evers appointees — who had recently gained a bulk connected the board — arsenic an alternate to Grebe successful bid to control the consequential search for the system’s adjacent leader.

The committee is acceptable to usage a nationalist hunt steadfast to find candidates and is expected to statesman its enactment successful August.

New Regent seat names hunt committee for adjacent UW System president was primitively published by the Wisconsin Examiner.

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