Plats and Parcels: Martial Arts Equipment Manufacturer Moving to Milwaukee

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6333 W. Douglas Ave. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

6333 W. Douglas Ave. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Martial arts instrumentality shaper Combat Corner is relocating from Menomonee Falls to the northwest broadside of Milwaukee.

It’s outgrown its Menomonee Falls installation and volition relocate its 28 employees to a 27,000-square-foot facility, 6333 W. Douglas Ave., successful the city’s Havenwoods neighborhood.

Combat Corner is actively hiring 8 much employees to enactment successful organisation and manufacturing arsenic portion of the determination and hopes to assistance revitalize the area.

“People who are local, we’d similar them to apply,” said laminitis Dan LaSavage successful an interview with Sean Ryan astatine the Milwaukee Business Journal. “A metropolis can’t past connected lone 1 benignant of employment, particularly if it’s lone service-based jobs.”

LaSavage, a erstwhile mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, launched the institution successful West Allis successful 2007 earlier moving it to Menomonee Falls. It sells a assortment of martial arts equipment, including gloves, punching bags and apparel, to fighters and gyms.

The one-story gathering is presently divided into 17,000 quadrate feet of abstraction for manufacturing, 6,000 quadrate feet for bureau usage and 4,000 quadrate feet for assembly.

City appraisal records bespeak it was constructed successful 1971. The 1.74-acre spot was past sold successful 2009 to TJW Properties for $505,000. It was past location to Ted John Weller‘s National Machine Specialties and Flex Automation firms, the second specializing successful utilized robot repair and sales. Weller announced a plan to relocate the businesses successful 2013.


County May Stay successful Coggs Building

The Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is indicating that the region whitethorn bent onto the Marcia P. Coggs Human Services Center after all.

In May, the county’s facilities absorption division delivered a report to the Board of Supervisors explaining that years of deferred attraction had near the Coggs building, 1220 W. Vliet St., successful specified a authorities of disrepair that the astir financially prudent people of enactment would apt beryllium to merchantability the gathering wrong the adjacent fewer years.

This survey into the aboriginal of the Coggs gathering was happening successful the inheritance of a overmuch larger shakeup occurring wrong region government. That is, the relocation of DHHS unit aft the region leaves the Mental Health Complex astatine the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center in Wauwatosa.

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THIRTEEN31 Rises On W. National Ave.

A caller flat complex, THIRTEEN31 Place, is nearing completion connected the occidental borderline of Walker’s Point.

The four-story gathering volition see 89 apartments, 74 of which volition beryllium acceptable speech astatine below-market rates for those making little than 60% of the area’s median income.

Developer Brandon Rule‘s Rule Enterprises and Lutheran Social Services are co-developing the project.

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15-Story Mass Timber Tower for Riverfront

A Madison-based existent property steadfast is advancing plans to physique a 15-story, 220-unit flat building, The Edison, on the Milwaukee River.

The operation would beryllium built from wide timber, an engineered merchandise made by combining layers of lumber into a stronger material. It would beryllium the 3rd wide timber gathering successful the city, joining the low-rise Timber Lofts in Walker’s Point and Ascent, a 25-story luxury flat operation nether operation in East Town that volition beryllium the tallest wide timber gathering successful the satellite erstwhile completed. The emerging exertion is lighter than concrete, faster to assemble and occurrence resistant. The exposed wood operation is anticipated to bid a terms premium erstwhile selling the apartments for rent.

The Neutral Project is the sustainability-focused existent property steadfast down the project. The institution would acquisition and demolish the one-story Rojahn & Malaney Company floral warehouse at 1005 N. Edison St. creating a 0.6-acre improvement site. The florist listed the tract for merchantability starting successful 2016.

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Boat House Seeks to Demolish Its Lighthouse

An iconic Milwaukee location could soon look a small spot different.

Steve Tilton, proprietor of “the Boat House,” applied to demolish the adjacent lighthouse due to the fact that of its deteriorating condition.

“I would similar to dismantle and region the lighthouse operation which is dangerously leaning towards the vessel house,” wrote Tilton successful a handwritten missive to the Historic Preservation Commission. He underlined the connection “immediately” successful explaining the urgency of his issue. The 20-foot-tall lighthouse is presently surrounded by scaffolding and caution tape.

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Inside the World’s Tallest Mass Timber Building

The operation of Ascent, a 25-story flat tower, looks similar nary different task successful the city.

Led by wide contractor CD Smith, operation workers are linking ample pieces of lumber unneurotic similar they’re gathering a LEGO toy.

A just-in-time proviso concatenation delivers truckloads of wide timber, an engineered merchandise made by combining layers of lumber into a stronger material, to the tract astatine 700 E. Kilbourn Ave.

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Two Affordable Housing Projects Vie For Federal Funds

The developers down 2 projected Milwaukee flat buildings are portion of a radical of 7 Wisconsin affordable lodging developers seeking national backing to adjacent a financing spread successful their projects.

Wisconsin developers submitted $5.81 cardinal successful financing requests to the National Housing Trust Fund for its yearly backing round. But the program, administered astatine the authorities level by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, has lone $1.3 cardinal to allocate.

“We’ve not seen this level of request successful past rounds,” said WHEDA CEO Joaquín Altoro in a connection announcing the applicants.

The funds enactment the instauration of new, affordable lodging units for individuals with precise debased incomes (below 30% of the country median income). They are often utilized by developers that service individuals with peculiar needs, which is the lawsuit for some Milwaukee projects.

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