Pete’s Pops Covertly Opens at Milwaukee Public Market

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Sneaky Pete’s astatine the Milwaukee Public Market. This photograph was taken July 16th, 2021 by Angeline Terry.

The kid and household affable marque Pete’s Pops has immoderate sly caller paper items astatine its latest determination extracurricular the Milwaukee Public Market, 400 N. Water St.

For years, customers were requesting alcoholic popsicles, particularly astatine the Pete’s Pops basal astatine the shot tract formerly known arsenic Miller Park. Now, successful effect to this demand, Pete’s Pops is selling alcoholic paper items astatine its caller determination nether the sanction Sneaky Pete’s.

The big paper includes 2 slushies and 3 “poptails,” which are drinks garnished with a classical popsicle from Pete’s Pops. Currently, the rotating paper includes items similar a creamy java bourbon and a peach Bellini, which they marque by dunking a peach popsicle successful champagne and topping it with raspberries.

The Milwaukee-based popsicle institution is known for its originative flavors. It has much 70 rotating done the menus astatine its 3 locations. These inventive offerings see Arnold Palmer, java & donuts, pear goat food and cantaloupe lemongrass.

“I wouldn’t beryllium amazed if by precocious summertime oregon aboriginal autumn we tweak the paper a small bit,” said laminitis Pete Cooney in an interview. “Just due to the fact that that’s the amusive part.”

The popsicles are made from caller fruits and vegetables. Flavors featured connected the small, rotating menus are sometimes dictated by what nutrient is in-season, specified arsenic an aboriginal summertime peach spirit and a precocious summertime saccharine maize pop. Most are made with a basal of cream, milk, sweetener and egg, but 10% are made with a coconut beverage basal to supply vegan options.

Get a regular rundown of the apical stories connected Urban Milwaukee

Cooney primitively got into the popsicle-making concern aft trying an avocado popsicle astatine a farmers’ market. He was determined to recreate the flavor, and yet turned it into a broadside hustle. By 2014 helium was moving connected Pete’s Pops astatine nighttime and connected weekends portion moving arsenic an accountant for The Bartolotta Restaurants during the day.

Then the concern won the Rev-Up MKE tiny concern contention successful 2016 and opened its archetypal brick-and-mortar determination successful Washington Park (3809 W. Vliet St.) successful 2018. Since then, it’s been each popsicles each the time.

When the pandemic slowed a batch of the business, Cooney took the accidental to open a dog-friendly Bay View determination (916 E. Russell Ave.) followed by a determination successful West Allis (1977 S. 71st St.) soon after. The marque besides sells popsicles successful a multitude of carts astir Milwaukee and St. Louis, and now, extracurricular the Milwaukee Public Market.

Though Sneaky Pete’s big paper is lone presently featured astatine the nationalist marketplace location, Cooney thinks determination could beryllium country for maturation into venues similar American Family Field oregon Fiserv Forum.

“This conception tin truly enactment successful a batch of places,” Cooney said.

Summer is highest popsicle season. So erstwhile things chill down, Cooney said, the institution volition tackle larger projects similar expanding Pete’s Pops to different locations and moving connected nationwide shipping and distribution.

Sneaky Pete’s joins Sugar Cube Donuts and The Draft Patio successful operating extracurricular of the market. It is unfastened Thursday done Sunday from noon until 8 p.m. (6 p.m. connected Sundays).

Sneaky Pete’s

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