Op Ed: Vos Misreads Me

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Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. File photograph  by Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos. File photograph by Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

Well, I accidental I should astatine slightest convey Speaker Robin Vos for speechmaking my stuff. But if the Speaker thinks that my criticisms of Gov. Tony Evers are going to assistance him decision Evers successful the November, 2022 wide election, he’s wrong.

Here’s what Vos said according to a story yesterday successful the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“Vos and different Republicans pointed to a blog post by erstwhile Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz to reason Evers faces unrest connected his left. Cieslewicz called for idiosyncratic to situation the politician successful the Democratic superior due to the fact that helium is “wishy-washy” and a “Stockholm Syndrome Democrat” who doesn’t deliberation strategically.

“Vos said Evers’ determination to o.k. 2 Republican budgets since helium was elected successful 2018 “says to maine that the feline truly doesn’t basal for much. And I don’t know how you person your basal that you are worthy going to combat for if successful the end you ever rotation over.””

There are astatine slightest 4 problems with Vos’ effort to usage my blog against Evers.

The archetypal is that the Republican wide predetermination playbook is to telephone each Democrat a socialist. The information that Evers is getting immoderate disapproval from his near (which doesn’t needfully see me; spot below) really helps him propulsion backmost connected that charge.

Second, an statement that amounts to “vote against Evers due to the fact that helium signed 2 of my budgets” isn’t 1 that Vos volition privation to marque successful the general.

Third, the Democratic Party isn’t going to fracture. Whoever the nominee is against whoever the Republicans enactment up volition person the afloat enactment of the base. Evers ne'er was the darling of enactment activists successful the archetypal place. They supported him due to the fact that they thought helium could win. They’ll bash that again if helium is the nominee, and cipher other tin get the information unless they archetypal person Democratic superior voters that they tin triumph successful the general. Even I won’t ballot for a firebrand Democrat successful the superior if I don’t deliberation that campaigner tin bushed the Republican.

Fourth, if Vos is pointing to maine arsenic an illustration of “unrest connected (Evers’) left”, well, possibly Robin isn’t speechmaking my worldly aft all. In fact, the full constituent of my columns are to marque the lawsuit for center-left moderation. My occupation with the Governor isn’t that helium isn’t wide enough, but that helium isn’t effectual capable successful championing immoderate important initiatives, similar a nonpartisan redistricting commission. But that’s a superior contention statement and not 1 that hurts Evers successful a wide election.

Vos is simply a astute feline and a decent strategist, but if helium keeps up this enactment of attack, he’s going to assistance Tony Evers to different 4 years, which if the Democrats don’t connection a amended prime adjacent August, volition beryllium good with me.

Dave Cieslewicz, Editor, Yellow Stripes & Dead Armadillos.

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