Op Ed: UW System Bolsters State Workforce

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UWM Sandburg Residence Halls. Photo by Christopher Hillard.

UWM Sandburg Residence Halls. File photograph by Christopher Hillard.

Employers crossed Wisconsin person 1 happening connected their caput arsenic we look from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic: Employees. They can’t get enough.

Yet, from Superior to Kenosha, Platteville to Green Bay, Barron County to Rock County, and everyplace successful between, the solution is close successful beforehand of us: the University of Wisconsin.

Each year, Wisconsin’s 13 nationalist universities nutrient 37,000 talented graduates with specialized knowledge, captious reasoning skills, and method know-how. Five years aft graduation, much than 90 percent of them stay successful Wisconsin, wherever they present for employers, lend to their communities, and amended their lives.

We’ve been achieving this singular postgraduate accumulation successful the look of lagging revenues. As politicians endlessly statement workforce solutions, it bears repeating that the UW System draws endowment to the state, keeps it here, and develops it to marque our authorities greater for each Wisconsinites. Besides its people, determination is nary greater plus successful Wisconsin than the UW System.

Listening to assemblage and concern leaders arsenic I person toured the state, you larn 1 happening speedy – they payment greatly from their partnerships with section universities. For example, here’s what Laurie A. Radke, President and CEO of the Greater Green Bay Chamber, says astir her section university:

“UW-Green Bay is simply a assemblage spouse that is integral to the maturation and occurrence of our region. With its hundreds of world programme offerings, the assemblage continues to conscionable the ever-expanding needs of our assemblage and its vibrant growth. UW-Green Bay supports entrepreneurialism and innovation: portion assemblage leaders enactment alongside industry, nonprofit, and backstage concern to enactment growth, animate creativity, and supply taste experiences and opportunities for the full region.”

Engineers, biologists, information scientists, edifice managers, caregiver practitioners, teachers, foresters, economists, artists, entrepreneurs – you sanction it – crossed Wisconsin, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of them who’ve been educated by the UW System.

We person initiatives acceptable to spell and grow with much investment, including:

  • Prison Education Initiative – We tin trim recidivism and supply incarcerated individuals with the acquisition and grooming they request to participate the workforce upon release.
  • Internships – Each of our 13 nationalist universities has an extended internship programme that provides invaluable grooming for young radical portion gathering leader needs. In fact, immoderate employers are identifying students arsenic aboriginal arsenic their archetypal twelvemonth for internships.
  • Health Care – Our partnerships with determination wellness attraction providers are strong, arsenic we connection a endowment pipeline. But we request to grow access, particularly successful our agrarian communities, and the UW System is acceptable to grow its programming and adhd recruits. I heard this firsthand astatine UW-Eau Claire from Mayo Clinic Health System leaders.

Now is the clip for investment. We are acceptable to service Wisconsin. It is our charge. Let’s instrumentality vantage of what we offer.

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