Milwaukee Stilt Walker Goes Viral

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Allenton Riley, 18, shows disconnected his talents arsenic a Moko Jumbie. “There’s truthful galore things successful Milwaukee that’s the same,” helium says. “But this is thing you don’t usually see. It’s antithetic and should beryllium embraced.” (Photo provided to the Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service by Stacy Letrice)

At first, the young antheral crossing the streets connected stilts successful a viral video appears to beryllium retired having amusive and doing thing different.

But determination is much to his story.

Allenton Riley, 18 and a caller Milwaukee High School of the Arts graduate, said helium has been practicing Moko Jumbie since helium was 6.

Twelve years later, he’s known arsenic “Milwaukee’s Moko Jumbie.” Moko Jumbie is simply a contented that extends backmost hundreds of years and originated successful West Africa and is present practiced there, successful the Caribbean and successful the United States. Standing 10 to 15 feet high, Moko Jumbies were seen arsenic protectors who looked implicit the colony and participated successful celebrations. 

For Riley, Moko Jumbie is simply a mode to enactment retired of occupation arsenic good arsenic a mode to basal out. A video of him connected stilts went viral last period aft helium was caught practicing for a Juneteenth performance.

“There’s truthful galore things successful Milwaukee that’s the same,” helium said. “But this is thing you don’t usually see. It’s antithetic and should beryllium embraced.”

An aboriginal start

Riley said erstwhile helium was 6, helium broke his limb practicing tae kwon bash and ended up connected crutches. After helium healed, helium fastened his crutches into stilts and began walking astir connected them. He already knew astir Moko Jumbies from his relative and from West African classmates.

He hid his endowment from his parents for astir 5 years for fearfulness they would disapprove of him practicing successful the house.

“When I was 11 oregon 10 and I told them astir stilt-walking successful the house, they were like: ‘Oh, that explains this spot successful the surviving country and these scuff marks successful the basement,’” Riley said.

Soon, though, Riley fto much radical spot his talent. He began performing astatine mediate schoolhouse events and connected with a radical successful New York called the Brooklyn Jumbies. Its members gave him tips and introduced him to different jumbies crossed the world. 

Riley said helium has been invited to carnivals successful New York, Houston, Miami, and Trinidad and Tobago but has been incapable to go, usually due to the fact that helium lacked funding. After performing successful Milwaukee past period for Juneteenth Day, helium was asked to thatch his creation to younker successful Chicago with the Juke Boxx Mas Band.

‘A batch of radical gag and marque amusive of things they don’t understand’

When practicing for his Juneteenth gig, Riley was waiting to transverse a thoroughfare erstwhile idiosyncratic started signaling him connected their phone. 

“I was astatine a halt motion doing the ‘you spell . . . nary you go’ thing,” Riley said. “Next happening I knew I went viral, and my dada was upset with maine for crossing streets I was not expected to.”

Riley’s viral infinitesimal was not each it was cracked up to be. He recovered that astir radical commenting connected the video did not cognize thing astir Moko Jumbie and were alternatively conscionable funny successful teasing him.

Stacy Letrice, CEO of Jukeboxx Dance and laminitis of Team Jukeboxx Mas Band, saw herself successful Riley’s viral experience. In her past, she had been recorded practicing dancehall, a benignant of Jamaican euphony and dance, without her support and had thousands of radical online wholly missing the discourse of her art.

“It was precisely what happened with Al wherever radical didn’t recognize that this is really African civilization and alternatively conscionable deliberation you’re weird,” Letrice said. “When you really recognize the richness of it and the meaning down it, it’s not weird astatine all.”

Stella Nathan, who was Riley’s assemblage and vocation advisor successful precocious school, besides saw the viral post. At first, she was blessed to spot 1 of her students getting recognition. Until she started speechmaking the comments.

She jumped into the comments conception and tried to explicate the context, but the task of educating strangers connected the net rapidly became overwhelming.

“A batch of radical gag and marque amusive of things they don’t understand,” Nathan said. “What I privation radical to instrumentality distant from this is to halt and deliberation earlier we crook everyone and everything into an net gag oregon meme.”

Though helium was disappointed to spot radical not recognize his art, Riley remains determined. He wants to question with the UniverSoul Circus and commencement a Moko Jumbie radical successful Milwaukee someday.

He besides plans to support practicing successful Milwaukee this summer. He said Moko Jumbies successful Trinidad are known to locomotion up to 14,000 feet astatine a time, truthful helium needs to physique his stamina.

He offers this proposal for onlookers.

“If you spot maine and privation to record, archetypal disconnected marque definite you get a bully angle. Second, inquire questions and larn a small spot astir wherefore I’m connected stilts and what it means to me,” helium said.

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