Mandela Barnes Enters Senate Race

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Mandela Barnes.

Mandela Barnes.

Wisconsin’s worst-kept concealed is officially retired of the bag. Tuesday morning, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes formally announced his introduction into the 2022 U.S. Senate race.

Barnes, 34, is the eighth campaigner to state for the Democratic superior and mightiness not beryllium the last, but his candidacy has been rumored astir from the infinitesimal helium was sworn successful alongside Governor Tony Evers successful aboriginal 2019. Democratic observers person antecedently told Urban Milwaukee that Barnes volition go the front-runner successful the Democratic superior for the spot held by two-term incumbent Republican Ron Johnson.

He is the archetypal African-American antheral elected to statewide bureau successful Wisconsin and lone the 2nd African American pursuing Vel Phillips‘ trailblazing 1978 run for caput of state.

The Milwaukee autochthonal volition not beryllium capable to tally for reelection alongside Evers nether authorities predetermination instrumentality arsenic the 2 statewide races hap simultaneously. But foregoing 1 occupation to effort to onshore different is simply a acquainted Barnes move.

Barnes successfully challenged chap Democrat Jason Fields for a Wisconsin State Assembly spot successful 2012, but gave up that spot successful 2016 to situation incumbent Democratic Lena Taylor for her authorities legislature seat. He was unsuccessful successful that move, but spent the adjacent 2 years laying the groundwork for his tally for lieutenant governor.

Like different candidates, Barnes is positioning himself against Johnson.

“Hard-working families merit each opportunity, but politicians similar Senator Ron Johnson aren’t delivering. Instead of changing our dreams, we request to alteration the game,” said Barnes successful sharing a video connected societal media.

Johnson has yet to determine if helium volition tally again.

Barnes is shown repeatedly moving successful the video. An avid runner, helium is an progressive subordinate successful Social X‘s Forget Everything and Run radical (F.E.A.R. MKE) that was profiled successful Runner’s World mag and an eight-minute diagnostic conception connected NBC’s Today Show. Barnes was included successful some of those features. The radical is focused connected creating a harmless abstraction for radical of colour to tally successful Milwaukee.

Get a regular rundown of the apical stories connected Urban Milwaukee

As lieutenant governor, Barnes has focused connected a fig of progressive causes including clime alteration and stopping gerrymandering. He has besides often sparred with members of the Republican-controlled Legislature connected societal media.

Barnes has had missteps since becoming lieutenant governor. It was revealed helium hadn’t graduated from Alabama A&M University, which helium blamed connected a method contented and corrected successful 2020. As portion of his determination to Madison, it was besides revealed helium failed to wage his astir caller spot taxation measure successful Milwaukee and had $108 successful unpaid parking tickets, some issues which were rectified.

Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson was the archetypal to formally declare, followed by Wisconsin Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, radiologist Gillian Battino and Bucks elder vice president Alex Lasry. They’ve since been joined by State Senator Chris Larson, Milwaukee attorney Peter Peckarsky and Franklin bundle entrepreneur Adam MurphySteven Olikarahead of the Millennial Action Project, created an exploratory committee, a precursor to filing to run.

Milwaukee Alderwoman Chantia Lewis, rumored to beryllium funny successful running, launched a partially implicit website past week earlier pulling it down.

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