LIVE: Rafa delivers Novak cold anti-vax reality

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Rafael Nadal has made it precise wide that Novak Djokovic has nary 1 to blasted different than himself, arsenic the satellite No.1 fears being sent location connected a level amid his anti-vaccination stance.

Nadal this day played his archetypal singles lucifer since August successful the Melbourne Summer Set, defeating Ricardas Berankis 6-2, 7-5.

The 20-time expansive slam singles champion was past asked for his views connected the Djokovic play successful his post-match property conference.

"I deliberation if helium wanted, helium would beryllium playing present successful Australia without a occupation ... He made his ain decisions, and everybody is escaped to instrumentality their ain decisions, but past determination are immoderate consequences," Nadal said.

"Of people I don't similar the concern that is happening. In immoderate mode I consciousness atrocious for him.

"But astatine the aforesaid time, helium knew the conditions since a batch of months ago, truthful helium makes his ain decision."

Nadal past reiterated his sentiment connected COVID-19 vaccination.

"Of people aft a batch of radical had been dying for 2 years, my feeling is the vaccine is the lone mode to halt this pandemic," Nadal said.

"That's what the radical who recognize this says, and I americium nary 1 to make a antithetic opinion."

World No.2 Daniil Medvedev has played immoderate sublime tennis to bushed seventh-ranked Matteo Berrettini 6-2, 6-7, 6-4 successful a blockbuster ATP Cup lucifer successful Sydney.

The triumph draws Russia level astatine 1-1 successful their necktie with Italy aft Jannik Sinner bushed Roman Safiullin 7-6, 6-3 successful the opening match.

The 1.98m Medvedev is present the favourite to triumph the Australian Open aft today's Novak Djokovic drama.

The interaction connected the tennis satellite and superstar legacies is seismic.

Djokovic was hoping to gully wide of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with a 21st expansive slam successful Melbourne portion USA large Jim Courier pointed retired that the Serb's stranglehold connected the No.1 ranking could besides slip.

Djokovic presently has 11,540 ATP ranking points, good up of Medvedev (8,640).

But things could rapidly change.

"If Djokovic is incapable to enactment connected successful Australia, that's a batch of points helium volition lose," Courier said connected Nine and Stan Sport.

"That allows idiosyncratic similar Medvedev to instrumentality it."

"Things are going to get beauteous interesting," chap commentator Mark Petchey said, portion revelling successful Medvedev's "breathtaking" tennis successful the last set.

"He's a earthy calved winner."

Medvedev, 25, won his archetypal expansive slam rubric past year, beating Djokovic successful the US Open final.

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