Lawmakers Request Civil Rights Probe of Tosa PD

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Protesters marked the crushed  extracurricular  the Wauwatosa City Hall with chalk displaying a assortment  of messages. Photo by Isiah Holmes)/Wisconsin Examiner.

Protesters marked the crushed extracurricular the Wauwatosa City Hall with chalk displaying a assortment of messages. Photo by Isiah Holmes)/Wisconsin Examiner.

Growing concerns implicit tactics utilized by the Wauwatosa Police Department (WPD) during the protests of 2020 person reached apical officials successful Wisconsin government. On Wednesday, Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Sen. Tammy Baldwin requested a civilian rights probe of WPD. The pair’s concerns were outlined successful a little missive which was sent to Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the national Department of Justice (DOJ).

Moore and Baldwin sent their petition aft receiving accusation from lawyer Kimberley Motley, who has pushed several ineligible actions against the metropolis of Wauwatosa since past year. Her missive to Baldwin and Moore summarized issues uncovered implicit the past respective months.

“The petition comes from 3 families who person each had a loved 1 changeable and killed by a constabulary serviceman astatine the department,” Baldwin and Moore wrote. “These Wisconsin families person enactment guardant superior allegations of misconduct, including policing practices that allegedly targeted individuals due to the fact that of their contention and/or their engagement successful activities protected by the First Amendment.”

That past spot is peculiarly timely, arsenic much details precocious emerged astir a database the section maintained past year. Although primitively called a “protester list” by the WPD transgression expert who created it, WPD has since walked backmost the label. WPD stated it is simply a database of suspects, victims, witnesses, oregon imaginable sources of accusation related to the protests. It documents the names and idiosyncratic accusation of elected officials, activists from respective Milwaukee and Wauwatosa groups, and adjacent radical who seldom attended the protests. It besides includes this reporter, the lone credentialed writer known to beryllium connected the list. WPD shared the list with the Milwaukee Police Department, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Motley’s missive highlights a assortment of tactics the section utilized against protesters past year. As marches done Wauwatosa continued into August, the section began issuing hefty tickets to protesters, sometimes totaling much than $1,300. Whereas immoderate were mailed to marchers who had been identified via video and societal media, others were delivered personally by officers.

Open records requests released by the section successful January besides showed that immoderate radical who had ne'er been ticketed oregon arrested were listed arsenic “arrested” with booking numbers connected assorted days. The “ghost arrests,” arsenic they were sometimes called by marchers, raised concerns that radical were being subjected to fraudulent apprehension entries. WPD countered that the entries were the effect of the bundle utilized to negociate reports.

During the October curfew, WPD utilized immoderate of its astir heavy-handed tactics. During the 2nd nighttime of the curfew, the parent and sister of 1 of those killed by a Wauwatosa serviceman were arrested by members of WPD’s Special Operations Group (SOG) and a U.S. Marshals Task Force. Unbeknownst to elected officials including Baldwin, the Marshals had been deployed to Wauwatosa and Kenosha in a akin manner arsenic successful Portland, Oregon earlier that year. Tracy Cole, was hospitalized for injuries sustained during her arrest. Her daughter, Taleavia, was taken into custody and her telephone was confiscated by Wauwatosa officers.

SOG has respective functions successful WPD, including compartment telephone information extraction and investigation operations. Many phones were taken during the curfew, but fewer were held arsenic agelong arsenic Taleavia’s. Her telephone was lone returned aft 20 days pursuing tribunal actions filed by Motley. Taleavia said her telephone showed signs of tampering. The section stated that it didn’t analyse information connected immoderate of the seized phones.

Emails obtained done unfastened records requests aboriginal showed that the phones were taken to WPD’s alleged nerd lab, or the machine forensics unit. The emails were sent betwixt SOG detectives, who noted that Taleavia’s telephone had been separated from a batch of others WPD intended to return. It remains unclear precisely what the section did to the phones which it stated were primitively taken for “electronic evidence.”

Members of the SOG besides created a “higher worth target” list which included Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride. That document, however, was later denounced by WPD and the detective had a written reprimand placed successful his record after Wisconsin Examiner reported connected its existence.

Baldwin’s bureau told Wisconsin Examiner that the allegations against WPD “deserve a thorough reappraisal by the Department of Justice” truthful that they tin determine whether a civilian rights probe is warranted. Other concerns were besides raised successful Motley’s missive to the 2 members of Congress. These see different email successful which a WPD detective and national president said the union’s lawyer suggested price gouging for unfastened records costs to support accusation connected officers from getting out.

Wauwatosa is an country haunted by a history of redlining, segregation, and lodging covenants prohibiting the merchantability of idiosyncratic homes to Black residents. Wauwatosa, a municipality of 49,000, has a Black colonisation of little than 6%. However, Motley’s missive noted, successful 2018 African Americans were implicit 82% of WPD’s arrests, and 60% of postulation stops betwixt 2015 and 2017.

Moore, who was recently chosen for a caller prime committee on redlining and radical disparities, explained wherefore she feels a civilian rights probe is important. “The national authorities has an affirmative relation successful ensuring our nation’s citizens are harmless from constabulary misconduct and abuse,” Moore told Wisconsin Examiner“That’s wherefore I joined Senator Baldwin successful asking the Department of Justice to see the petition from residents regarding aggregate alarming allegations astir misconduct by the Wauwatosa Police Department. Those allegations merit a thorough review.”

Another elected authoritative with increasing concerns astir WPD is authorities Sen. Lena Taylor, whose territory includes parts of Wauwatosa. Taylor had peculiar concerns astir the implications of the protester list. “The lone mode that we tin cognize what’s going connected — precise candidly — is for determination to beryllium individuals who are engaged successful the media being there,” she said. “And I’ve participated successful protests and going and being a part, truthful that you tin sphere the close of radical to beryllium capable to dissent successful America. That’s what makes america America.” She called the list, “somewhat disturbing,” but says she is is encouraged by the code of WPD’s caller constabulary chief.

The caller chief, James MacGillis starts connected Monday. He is well alert of assemblage concerns around however the WPD was gathering and sharing quality reports astir protesters past year. MacGillis aims to absorption connected repairing the department’s narration with the community. His attack and his code are a acold outcry from MacGillis’ predecessor Barry Weber, who was main for implicit 30 years and ended his clip successful the occupation targeting protests and their supporters.

Taylor said of MacGillis’ statements, “It’s a mindset that wants to beforehand creating thing different.” Nevertheless, she added,  “talk is cheap. So we person to hold and see. …But I person to accidental I deliberation proceeding enactment that speaks of wanting to turn to beryllium thing different, I deliberation that’s a bully thing.”

Baldwin and Moore telephone for civilian rights probe of Wauwatosa PD was primitively published by the Wisconsin Examiner.

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