Harris Will Talk About Impact of Climate Change and Drought During Nevada Trip

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The bureau of Vice President Kamala Harris has confirmed that she volition contented remarks highlighting the interaction of clime alteration and drought during a travel to Nevada.

During her sojourn to Lake Mead, Harris volition person a briefing from Interior Department officials astir the interaction of this year’s drought. The briefing volition besides stress the Biden administration’s committedness to addressing clime change.

She volition person accusation astir the ongoing drought from U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, National Park Service, the Southern Nevada Water Authority and Clark County Parks and Recreation. Democratic Nevada Representatives Dina TitusSusie Lee, and Steven Horsford volition besides beryllium successful attendance.

“In her remarks, the Vice President volition stress that h2o shortages person a ripple effect connected our farmers, nutrient supply, and system — and that clime alteration volition proceed to marque utmost upwind including droughts and vigor much frequent, costly, and harmful,” a White House authoritative said.

“That is wherefore Congress indispensable walk the Build Back Better Agenda and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal bills, to code drought resilience and the clime crisis, and to make millions of bully jobs gathering and repairing h2o infrastructure, restoring watersheds and wetlands, and improving h2o ratio and conservation,” the authoritative added.

President Joe Biden’s clime program has faced roadblocks successful the legislative branch. The medication has vowed to walk to walk the plan, widely considered the astir broad clime authorities ever enactment guardant successful the United States, up of the Glasgow clime summit, which volition instrumentality spot successful 2 weeks.

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