Friday Photos: Viets Tower Nears Completion

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Hermann Viets Tower. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Hermann Viets Tower. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

The Milwaukee School of Engineering is astir finished with the renovation of its oldest pupil lodging building.

Roy W. Johnson Hall volition go Hermann Viets Tower erstwhile enactment is finished connected the $37 cardinal project. The revamped residence hall, what the assemblage is calling a “living-learning community,” is scheduled to unfastened successful clip for the 2021-2021 schoolhouse year.

General contractor VJS Construction Services has afloat enclosed a new, glassy operation connected the southbound broadside of the 13-story building. The archetypal building, 1121 N. Milwaukee St., opened successful 1965.

A first-floor cafeteria, unfastened to residents of each residence halls and located successful an annex operation down Johnson Hall, was demolished. The demolition is portion of implicit redevelopment of the archetypal floor, which volition see classrooms and collaboration spaces unfastened to each assemblage students.

The 12 floors supra formerly contained a loop of exterior-facing rooms with shared, interior restrooms and showers disconnected of a windowless hallway. But the glassy summation volition inject earthy airy into the formerly gloomy abstraction and unify the floors with much than an elevator.

The floors volition beryllium paired unneurotic arsenic two-story collaboration hubs are constructed connected the confederate constituent of the addition.

New rooms volition summation lodging capableness from 450 to 546 units, portion added amenities see two-story survey spaces, aerial conditioning and much bathrooms. Each model was replaced with 1 that allows substantially much earthy airy and is much vigor efficient.

The ample restrooms are being replaced with a smaller accessible, unisex restroom, portion caller restrooms and showers, with much privacy, volition beryllium located successful the addition. Part of the erstwhile restroom abstraction volition go a hallway kitchenette for residents. Other abstraction volition beryllium absorbed by mechanical and accusation exertion infrastructure.

Get a regular rundown of the apical stories connected Urban Milwaukee

The caller units, utilizing a glycol refrigeration strategy that circulates successful pipes done the full building, volition beryllium capable to supply some heating and cooling. Energy ratio improvements are being made, including insulating the northbound partition wherever overmuch vigor nonaccomplishment occurs.

MSOE president John Y. Walz called the existing operation “tired” in 2019 when helium announced the project, which is being named aft his predecessor, the late Hermann Viets, who led the assemblage from 1990 to 2015.

Roy W. Johnson, for whom the gathering was named, was an MSOE regent and president of Controls Company of America.

The attached, five-story Regents Residence Hall, built successful 1990, is not being substantially renovated arsenic portion of the project. Students continued to unrecorded successful the gathering during the past schoolhouse year, arsenic a one-story connector gathering was repurposed arsenic an entryway.

Viets Tower is being designed by Ramlow/Stein Architecture + Interiors. The archetypal gathering was designed by Charles Nagel & Associates arsenic portion of a field maestro program by Fitzhugh Scott.

For much connected the project, spot sum from our interior circuit successful December.


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