Father of Man Killed by Kenosha Police Accuses DA

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Police. Photo by Highway Patrol Images / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

Police. Photo by Highway Patrol Images / (CC BY)

The begetter of a antheral killed by Kenosha constabulary astir 17 years agone is continuing his run to reexamine the case, present seeking to gully the Kenosha County District Attorney into his allegations of a constabulary cover-up.

On Monday, Michael M. Bell sent an email connection to each Wisconsin legislators, arsenic good arsenic a fig of different authorities officials and Wisconsin quality organizations. He alleges that successful a 2017 missive helium received from District Attorney Michael Graveley, the DA whitethorn person misrepresented accusation astir imaginable grounds successful the 2004 shooting decease of Bell’s son.

Those aforesaid allegations were the taxable of an probe that erstwhile Kenosha Police Detective Russell Beckman sought with the authorities Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) earlier this year. Since retiring astir a decennary ago, Beckman has been assisting Bell successful Bell’s efforts to question a caller probe of the shooting.

In May, OLR rejected Beckman’s grievance, and Beckman filed an entreaty of that rejection connected July 12. Bell’s email connection Monday includes a nexus to Beckman’s entreaty petition to OLR.

Graveley did not reply Monday to an email connection from the Wisconsin Examiner seeking remark connected Bell’s email and the Beckman appeal. In his effect to the OLR connected April 29, pursuing Beckman’s archetypal grievance, however, Graveley called the allegations “completely without merit.”

Bell told the Wisconsin Examiner Monday that helium had not yet heard from lawmakers oregon different officials to whom he’d sent the email message.

Bell said helium wants Wisconsin to instrumentality section prosecutors retired of investigating fatal constabulary shootings successful their ain jurisdiction, a alteration that has been enacted in New Jersey and imposed by executive bid successful New York.

He said helium besides wants to spot Wisconsin’s John Doe concealed probe process to beryllium improved, due to the fact that helium did not person an accidental to reappraisal oregon respond erstwhile the DA responded to Bell’s 2018 petition for a John Doe probe of his son’s death.

Bell’s email connected Monday, arsenic good arsenic the OLR grievance and entreaty that it referred to, revolve astir grounds related to the events surrounding the fatal constabulary shooting of Bell’s son.

Bell has agelong asserted that authoritative constabulary accounts of the 2004 shooting see important inconsistencies and misrepresentations of the events.

His son, Michael E. Bell, was changeable successful the driveway of his location successful a confrontation aft constabulary followed him there. In the people of the confrontation, portion the younger Bell was being held from down by 1 of 3 officers astatine the scene, a 2nd serviceman lasting adjacent to him yelled that Bell had seized his work weapon. The 3rd officer, who had had his weapon trained connected Bell, past changeable Bell successful the head, sidesplitting him.

Investigators recovered nary DNA grounds connected the 2nd officer’s gun. Michael M. Bell and Beckman contend that shows that the younger Bell ne'er had his manus connected that officer’s weapon.

Michael M. Bell, the father, contends that the 2nd officer’s weapon and holster mightiness person gotten hooked connected the vehicle’s broadside reflector successful the confrontation. In the vigor of the infinitesimal the serviceman could person sincerely believed that the younger Bell had seized the limb but was mistaken, starring to the fatal shooting, Bell says.

Nevertheless, Bell believes that a follow-up probe is indispensable to ascertain what really happened successful those moments, and that successful thwarting the investigation, Kenosha authorities whitethorn beryllium covering up wrongdoing.

Bell had emphasized the lack of DNA connected the weapon erstwhile helium met with Graveley successful 2017 to impulse him to reexamine the case. Bell besides cited it successful the petition helium filed successful circuit tribunal successful 2018 seeking a concealed John Doe investigation.

In a 2017 missive to Bell aft their meeting, Graveley stated that “in circumstances wherever the firearm oregon holster is simply touched by the party, and for an highly constricted play of time, you would astir ne'er spot a affirmative trial effect for the beingness of that person’s DNA.”

Graveley included that missive successful his filings with the tribunal opposing a John Doe investigation. The tribunal subsequently rejected Bell’s petition for the investigation.

Beckman’s OLR grievance against Graveley alleges that successful his 2017 letter, Graveley misrepresented grounds successful the case, the subject of interaction DNA and his contacts with the authorities Crime Lab erstwhile helium sought an sentiment astir interaction DNA evidence.

“And for him to enactment it into a John Doe [petition response] and taxable it to a justice successful a police-involved shooting, I deliberation magnifies the occupation of what’s truly going connected successful Wisconsin with constabulary reform,” Bell said Monday.

Beckman’s entreaty to OLR consists of a 107-page papers that seeks to rebut, paragraph by paragraph, Graveley’s April 29 effect to Beckman’s earlier grievance.

Graveley, successful that response, stated that helium stood by his earlier statements, and argued that the lack of DNA grounds was not capable to beryllium that Michael E. Bell had not touched the officer’s weapon oregon holster successful the incident. Graveley besides accused Bell and Beckman of “attempting to usage the Office of Lawyer Regulation arsenic a limb of intimidation.”

Father of antheral killed by constabulary successful 2004 accuses authoritative successful emails to lawmakers was primitively published by the Wisconsin Examiner.

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