Eyes on Milwaukee: Urbal Tea Opens Cafe On South Side

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Urbal Tea. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Urbal Tea. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

A caller cafe is unfastened successful Milwaukee’s “Crisol Corridor” with hopes of creating a caller vicinity anchor.

On Monday morning, Urbal Tea opened its archetypal cafe astatine 3060 S. 13th St. The determination is conscionable northbound of Oklahoma and connected the redeveloping portion from S. 13th Street from Cleveland to Morgan Avenues which was dubbed Crisol Corridor successful 2015, boosted by a Business Improvement District (BID) that was formed.

The cafe’s opening marks the continued maturation of the Milwaukee business. Owner Nick Nowaczyk started the institution arsenic a broadside concern selling astatine farmers markets astir a decennary ago, made the leap to being a full-time entrepreneur serving wholesale customers successful 2016 and present has his archetypal cafe and dedicated manufacturing facility.

“We are creating truly unsocial offerings and they are made connected tract fresh,” said Nowaczyk during an interrogation aft helium joined with Mayor Tom Barrett , country Alderwoman Marina Dimitrijevic and Crisol Corridor BID director Leif Otteson for a ribbon cutting.

The 2,000-square-foot cafe, which serves aerial roasted java and pastries successful summation to house-made tea, features a assortment of seating options and escaped WiFi. Nowaczyk said helium hopes the welcoming situation draws radical successful from the surrounding Polonia vicinity and the full Milwaukee area.

“It’s astir making this vicinity better, improving the community,” said Nowaczyk. The cafe’s sanction is simply a play connected the words municipality and herbal. “This is an country that I deliberation is up and coming.”

Urbal Tea occupies a gathering that was acquired by the metropolis done spot taxation foreclosure successful 2016 and had holes successful the extortion by the clip Nowaczyk got involved. In 2019, erstwhile the merchantability was approved, neighboring Alderman Jose G. Perez said the spot was blighted and neighbors wanted to spot thing happen. Built successful 1922, it was past occupied by the nightclub Lex Lounge.

Get a regular rundown of the apical stories connected Urban Milwaukee

The spot was redeveloped by Ryan Pattee, who has made a specialty of transformed city-owned, dilapidated buildings. Pattee Group, with enactment from an astir $60,000 metropolis grant, invested $175,000 successful the property’s renovation. His institution paid the metropolis $45,000 for the two-story building. Windows were added, restrooms updated, a caller barroom installed and a fully-accessible entranceway created.

The cafe’s opening was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, during which Nowaczyk and his woman Lisa lived for a clip successful the four-bedroom flat connected the building’s 2nd floor. The mates has present moved out, buying a location successful a adjacent neighborhood.

Nowaczyk received certification arsenic a maestro herbalist astatine the Wildwood Institute successful Madison. “You are conscionable trying to make healthy, alternate beverages,” said Nowaczyk. “But for me, it was ever ‘I emotion alternate medicine, but a batch of these beverages sensation similar dirt.'”

The paper presently focuses connected on-tap, iced teas with Blood Orange, Brain Booster and Peachy Keen available. The drinks are made without sugar, but patrons tin petition they beryllium sweetened.

Nowaczyk said helium hopes the spot becomes a vicinity hub. “There is truly obscurity to conscionable travel successful and bent out,” helium said arsenic helium described a bid of sit-down restaurants and stores successful the area.

Customers sitting successful the cafe tin spot done a model to ticker the accumulation process successful action. The concern presently has 2 full-time employees and 5 part-time employees with plans to grow.

Urbal Tea is presently unfastened Monday done Friday, 9 a.m. done 3 p.m.

In summation to the cafe, Urbal Tea’s bagged teas are self-distributed to wholesale customers including Sendik’s Food Markets and Beans & Barley.


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