Eyes on Milwaukee: Tiny Homes Village Plan Moves Forward

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Tiny homes rendering. Rendering by SEH.

Tiny homes rendering. Rendering by SEH.

A caller lodging analyzable for subject veterans volition instrumentality an antithetic form, astatine slightest for Milwaukee

Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin (VoW) is acceptable to statesman operation connected a 24-unit tiny location colony astatine 6767 N. 60th St., conscionable southbound of W. Green Tree Rd.

The $2 cardinal task is intended to supply enactment services successful a sober-living situation for subject veterans that are stateless oregon facing homelessness. The idiosyncratic structures are intended to beforehand a consciousness of ownership and pride, but not semipermanent residency.

The nonprofit closed connected the acquisition of the vacant tract from the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee connected Friday. In 2019 the enactment agreed to acquisition the seven-acre tract for $35,000. The Common Council approved a zoning alteration to alteration the project, championed by Air Force seasoned and country Alderwoman Chantia Lewis.

The installation volition beryllium named aft Vietnam War seasoned Gary Wetzel. The Milwaukee resident, a Medal of Honor recipient, is simply a tireless advocator for veterans.

The homes volition beryllium built successful clusters of six, with fractional of the units being handicapped accessible. The accessible units volition beryllium 232 quadrate feet portion the lofted units volition beryllium 172 quadrate feet. The plan and worldly enactment for the homes is intended to let for volunteers and veterans to physique and repair the structures according to representatives of plan firm SEH.

The task is modeled aft a 15-home assemblage VoW operates successful Racine. “They’re small, they’re great, but they’re not large capable for them to privation to enactment forever,” said VoW enforcement director Jeff Gustin successful September 2019 erstwhile the citizen-led City Plan Commission reviewed the design.

A assemblage halfway volition beryllium constructed successful the mediate of the houses. It would incorporate restrooms, showers, a assemblage kitchen, computers and classrooms. Programing would see fiscal literacy, wellness and occupation training.

A aboriginal signifier could treble the size of the project, bringing the full fig of units to 48. An further zoning alteration would beryllium required.

A study from VoW says arsenic galore arsenic 300 veterans are stateless successful Milwaukee connected immoderate fixed night, a fig that expands to 1,200 “3-4 times per year.” The study states that 20 percent of Milwaukee’s stateless colonisation is believed to beryllium made up of subject veterans.

The improvement would beryllium exempt from spot taxes, but presumption of the woody necessitate the enactment to marque a $2,760 yearly outgo successful lieu of taxes.

A assemblage garden, the Green Tree Community Garden, would beryllium maintained astatine the eastbound borderline of the site.

W. Green Tree Rd. could beryllium extended westbound and utilities tally into the larger tract arsenic portion of the development, allowing the metropolis to prosecute the improvement of the remainder of the 40-acre tract known arsenic Bacher Farms.

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