Eyes on Milwaukee: Port Announces Tenant Replacing Sea Scouts

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2452 S. Lincoln Memorial Dr., location  of the Sea Scouts Ship Invincible 299. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

2452 S. Lincoln Memorial Dr., location of the Sea Scouts Ship Invincible 299. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Thursday morning, Port Milwaukee revealed the antecedently undisclosed tenant that volition regenerate the Sea Scouts connected a waterfront parcel astatine the eastbound extremity of E. Russell Ave.

Marek Landscaping volition lease the 0.87-acre parcel astatine 2452 S. Lincoln Memorial Dr. The institution is simply a design-build contractor focused connected sustainable waterfront plan and situation restoration. It volition conception a multipurpose bureau and warehouse gathering connected the tract and instal a span crane to work person vessels and bulk materials.

The lease agreement, moving for a maximum of 50 years, is expected to make astatine slightest $1.3 cardinal successful gross for the City-owned port. Port manager Adam Tindall-Schlicht previously said the then-undisclosed institution would make astatine slightest 10 jobs connected the site.

The company, done its Perch Point constricted liability company, replaces Sea Scouts Ship Invincible 299. The organization, an limb of the Boy Scouts of America, has held a no-cost lease for the abstraction for 62 years. The radical uses its existent tract astatine the northeast country of Bay View to store its vessels and clasp meetings successful a pole-barn-style building.

“Port Milwaukee is simply a ‘Port of the future’,” said Tindall-Schlicht successful a statement. “Modern approaches to superior plus renewal and maritime proscription are required to turn the Port commercially and arsenic a determination freshwater steward. I’m pleased that Marek Landscaping volition bring its expertise, lawsuit base, and passionateness for sustainability to Port Milwaukee arsenic we turn this country of our business.”

Marek volition besides beryllium required to marque improvements to the publicly-accessible sportfishing pier that is efficaciously hidden down the leased site. Two nationalist parking spaces volition beryllium added conscionable northbound of Cupertino Park.

“My imaginativeness for Marek Landscaping has ever been inspired by quality and by place-making wrong earthy systems,” said institution president Mike Marek. “Marek Landscaping is simply a person successful the design, absorption and restoration of ecological areas, parks, trails, waterfronts and different greenish infrastructure sites. As clime alteration continues to interaction the Great Lakes and riparian owners crossed Wisconsin, Marek Landscaping volition beryllium ideally positioned to service our assemblage with its caller determination astatine Port Milwaukee. There has ne'er been a much captious clip for our work.”

[inarticlead_email_signup]The Sea Scouts, as antecedently reported, recovered a caller location with the South Shore Yacht Club connected Milwaukee region property. The installation volition supply the scouts and their vessels complimentary entree to its sailing facilities. Port Milwaukee volition store the vessels for escaped successful the winter.

Before the Sea Scouts occupied the rectangular parcel, the Naval Reserve Center docked the submarines USS Tautog and USS Cobia astatine the tract for training. The Tautog arrived astatine the tract successful 1953 (after antecedently being docked with the anterior reserve halfway tract successful the Historic Third Ward) and was replaced by the Cobia successful 1959. A motion astatine the tract notes that the Sea Scouts archetypal meetings were held aboard the submarines. The Tautog was soon thereafter sold for scrap and successful 1970 the Cobia was towed to Manitowoc for usage arsenic portion of a museum. A Bay View Historical Society newsletter has much connected the southbound broadside neighborhood’s one-time fleet.

The lease is taxable to support from the Board of Harbor Commissioners and Common Council.

The 467-acre, city-owned larboard is mostly leased to backstage operators. Since Tindall-Schlicht became manager successful 2018 the metropolis has signed a fig of high-profile leases, including with a cruise vessel operator and grain exporter.

Marek is presently located astatine 125 W. Melvina St.


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