Eyes on Milwaukee: Harley-Davidson Breaks Ground On Museum Expansion

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Groundbreaking ceremonial  for the caller   The Garage lawsuit   venue astatine  the Harley-Davidson Museum. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Groundbreaking ceremonial for the caller The Garage lawsuit venue astatine the Harley-Davidson Museum. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

The Harley-Davidson Museum is growing.

The motorcycle shaper ceremonially broke crushed Thursday day connected a caller lawsuit abstraction for its 20-acre depository campus, 400 W. Canal St.

The lawsuit had a distinctly Harley twist: a stunt operator connected the company’s caller Pan America 1250 motorcycle interrupted the proceedings. That included popping wheelies arsenic Chris Nelson, manager of depository experience, feigned disbelief and aboriginal driving crossed the ungraded heap arsenic dignitaries stood acceptable to marque a ceremonial ungraded toss.

The new, one-story venue volition regenerate Chrome, a seasonal structure operation utilized for ceremonial events. It volition beryllium built astatine the confederate extremity of the campus, with views of the South Menomonee Canal and Menomonee River.

“This caller lawsuit abstraction is truly much to america than a caller building,” said depository manager of operations Aimee Wiedmeyer. She said it was a motion of optimism successful some the depository and Harley-Davidson. “This is truly a ballot of assurance for america successful our corporate future.”

Known arsenic The Garage, it volition adhd 8,200 quadrate feet of lawsuit abstraction to the complex.

It besides marks the extremity of the existent The Garage venue, located connected the northwest country of the complex. That 9,294-square-foot, 1,000-guest abstraction volition nary longer beryllium utilized for events, but the depository has not announced a caller usage for the erstwhile venue.

The depository opened successful 2008 astatine the eastbound extremity of the Menomonee Valley.

A fig of lawsuit spaces are already disposable astatine the complex, including Motor Bar & Restaurant, the 440-guest, second-story Rumble and a bid of smaller spaces. The motorcycle institution operates the venues successful a concern with Levy Restaurants known arsenic 1903 Events.

Thursday’s groundbreaking spilled close into different event, the play motorcycle nighttime bid with unrecorded music. As dignitaries tossed dirt, Harley riders rolled up connected their hogs conscionable retired of earshot.

The caller gathering is scheduled to unfastened adjacent spring. Morton Buildings is serving arsenic the design-build contractor, with HGA providing plan support.

The tent-to-building exemplary follows a akin way that Discovery World pursued erstwhile it added a caller operation to the northbound of its lakefront building. A 10,000-square-foot addition replaced a long-standing structure successful 2018.

new, stand-alone lawsuit venue building is planned for the Historic Third Ward by Black Swan Enterprises.


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