Evers, Johnson Rake In Campaign Funds

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Gov. Tony Evers

Gov. Tony Evers. Photo by Emily Hamer / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

With the 2022 elections for politician and U.S. Senate astir 16 months away, incumbent politicians Gov. Tony Evers and Sen. Ron Johnson are acold outpacing each announced challengers for their seats successful fundraising.

However, galore things stay chartless astir adjacent year’s election, including who volition look Evers from the GOP and whether Johnson volition question reelection.

Evers Reports Strong Early 2021 Fundraising, Eclipses Previous Walker Numbers

In the governor’s race, Evers’ run reported raising much than $5 cardinal successful the archetypal six months of 2021 and having much than $7 cardinal successful the bank, according to documents filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission. That fig is astir 3 times what erstwhile Gov. Scott Walker had successful his run coffers astatine this constituent successful his 2017 reelection bid.

Sam Roecker, communications manager for the Evers campaign, said the beardown fundraising numbers amusement the politician “isn’t taking thing for granted” in what is expected to beryllium a choky race.

“We’re getting started early, we’re gathering a instauration and making definite that we person the resources that we request to reelect the politician adjacent year,” Roecker said.

Evers’ fundraising included a $1 cardinal publication from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, arsenic good arsenic $86,000 successful donations from the Democratic Governors Association, American Federation of Teachers, Engineers Political Education Committee and the Laborers International Union of North America.

In all, the politician received donations from much than 17,000 idiosyncratic contributors. Of those idiosyncratic contributions, the smallest was $1 and the largest $20,000. Fifty-six individuals gave much than $10,000. Of those, 22 were from out-of-state residents, from places including New York, California, Minnesota, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas.

Roecker said the contributions amusement Evers’ supporters “know however overmuch is astatine stake” in the election.

“They spot however overmuch he’s been capable to usage his veto powerfulness to halt immoderate truly atrocious things from becoming instrumentality successful Wisconsin, and they cognize that he’s the backstop to a batch of the Republican agenda,” he said.

In his clip successful office, Evers has vetoed bills that would have limited wellness officials’ powerfulness during the COVID-19 pandemicput caller restrictions connected abortions and barred backstage assistance enactment for predetermination medication successful the state. Evers has besides signaled helium plans to veto other GOP-backed bills precocious passed by the Legislature that would alteration predetermination medication and voting laws.

The Republican tract for politician has yet to afloat instrumentality shape. So far, the lone announced GOP campaigner is businessman Jonathan Wichmann. Wichmann reported astir $24,000 successful fundraising for the archetypal six months of the twelvemonth and astir $7,000 successful the slope astatine the extremity of the reporting period.

Other imaginable Republican contenders see erstwhile Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, authorities Sen. Chris Kapenga, 2018 U.S. Senate campaigner Kevin Nicholson, erstwhile White House main of unit Reince Priebus, Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow, and erstwhile GOP staffer and lobbyist Bill McCoshen.

Partisan primaries for the governor’s contention volition beryllium held successful August 2022.

Johnson Raises More Than $1M, Even Without Reelection Announcement

Johnson reported raising $1.2 cardinal truthful acold this year, with astir $1.7 cardinal successful the bank, according to FEC documents.

Johnson has yet to denote his reelection bid. Last month, the GOP legislator said he doesn’t consciousness immoderate unit to marque the announcement immoderate clip soon.

Johnson was archetypal elected successful 2010 and won reelection successful 2016. At this constituent successful the 2016 race, helium reported astir $1.8 cardinal successful donations and astir $2.8 cardinal successful the bank. He besides had not announced his intent to question different word astatine that point. He announced his intention to spot reelection successful May 2016, astir six months earlier Election Day.

However, astatine this constituent successful the 2016 race, Johnson already had a azygous well-funded Democratic hostile successful the race. Former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold announced his hopes to unseat Johnson successful May 2015. At this constituent successful the 2016 race, Feingold reported $2.3 cardinal successful fundraising and astir $2 cardinal successful the bank.

In contrast, the Democratic tract for the 2022 U.S. Senate contention has respective contenders and is inactive taking shape. Announced candidates see authorities Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, authorities Sen. Chris Larson, Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson, Milwaukee Bucks enforcement Alex Lasry, Wausau doc Gillian Battino and erstwhile authorities Senate campaigner Adam Murphy.

Steven Olikara, laminitis of the Millennial Action Project, has formed an exploratory committee, but has yet to denote an authoritative bid for the seat. Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is expected to denote his plans to tally arsenic aboriginal arsenic adjacent week.

According to FEC filings, Godlewski reported raising $514,000 and having $243,000 in the bank. Nelson reported raising astir $238,000 and $406,000 successful the bank. Battino and Murphy each reported raising astir $100,000 with $34,000 and $88,000 successful the bank, respectively, and Olikara reported raising astir $62,000 with $56,000 successful the bank.

FEC filings were not disposable for different candidates Friday afternoon. According to his campaign, Lasry raised $1 cardinal and has astir $1 cardinal successful the bank. Larson’s campaign, which began successful precocious May, did not stock fundraising totals, but noted the run averaged a astir $50 donation and that 75 percent of funds came from Wisconsin donors. Out-of-state contributions came from 47 states, the run said.

Kaul Leads GOP Opponents successful Attorney General Race Fundraising

Like Evers and Johnson, incumbent Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat, is besides starring his opponents successful raising cash.

According to his campaign’s FEC filing, Kaul raised astir $411,000 successful the archetypal six months of 2021 and has astir $537,000 successful the bank. Kaul announced his reelection bid this week.

Two Republicans, prof Ryan Owens and authoritative Eric Toney, had antecedently announced their campaigns for the office. According to their filings, Owens raised $309,000 and has a $250,000 currency equilibrium and Toney raised astir $41,000 and has a $28,000 currency balance.

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