Entertainment: Riverwest Food Truck Rally Returns

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Riley’s Good Dogs. Photo by Graham Kilmer.

Riley’s Good Dogs. Photo by Graham Kilmer.

There’s plentifulness of creation to spot this week successful Milwaukee, with the Beyond Van Gogh traveling grounds yet making its mode to Wisconsin and the yearly Gallery Night MKE transforming downtown venues and restaurants into creation galleries. Plus, the Riverwest Food Truck Rally is here, with plentifulness of trade brew and local-food-truck favorites connected deck.

July 15-September: Beyond Van Gogh Milwaukee

Beyond Van Gogh, a traveling immersive grounds that allows participants to research the enactment of Vincent van Gogh done a unsocial multimedia experience, has yet made its mode to Milwaukee. Participants volition get a full caller position connected iconic works similar “The Starry Night” and “Sunflowers,” accompanied by a symphonic people that incorporates Van Gogh’s thoughts and words. The grounds takes astir an hr to get through, and clip slots indispensable beryllium reserved successful advanced. Tickets tin beryllium purchased here.

July 16: Smoke N’ Mirrors astatine Nō Studios

Milwaukee funk-soul organ trio Smoke N’ Mirrors volition enactment connected an intimate show astatine the Nō Studios Cafe. They’re acceptable to merchandise their caller medium aboriginal this fall, truthful it could beryllium an accidental to perceive immoderate caller tunes from the band. The amusement is escaped and volition commencement astatine 8 p.m. Drinks volition beryllium disposable for purchase.

July 16-17 Gallery Night MKE Returns

Over 2 twelve venues volition observe Gallery Night MKE, offering unsocial creation experiences successful the Historic Third Ward, East Town, Walker’s Point and their surrounding areas. Explore Japanese woodblock prints and etching astatine the Art Japan 2021-1921 grounds astatine The Warehouse, oregon witnesser creator Nykoli Koslow overgarment portion utilizing a virtual world headset astatine The Pfister Hotel. There is an extended database of participating restaurants, pubs and hotels participating, truthful caput connected implicit to gallerynightmke.com and find retired which galleries involvement you most.

July 15-21 Seven-Seat Bike Tour

Get your cardio successful portion you research Milwaukee’s downtown country with six of your friends connected the seven-seat motorcycle tour, wherever a circuit usher volition tell, among different things, the communicative of the 1892 occurrence and however it changed the area. The circuit volition past transverse the stream to Walker’s Point earlier looping backmost around. Tours tally from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Tickets are $40. For much information, click here.

July 17: Florentine Opera’s Al Fresco Series

Florentine Opera Company is putting connected a amusement that volition instrumentality spot successful the mediate of a beauteous backstage plot owned by the Robbins family. Artists volition execute euphony inspired by the flowers and animals of summertime. Food and portion tin beryllium purchased connected site, but extracurricular nutrient is allowed and encouraged. The backstage plot is located astatine 1050 W. Calumet Rd. successful Milwaukee, and tickets to the lawsuit are $79. The show volition statesman astatine 7:30 p.m. Click here for much info.

July 17: Riverwest Food Truck Rally

Head implicit to Gathering Place Brewing Company (811 E. Vienna Ave.) for the 3rd yearly Riverwest Food Truck Rally. This year, the offerings scope from Filipino cuisine to blistery dogs with featured nutrient trucks including Heaven’s Table BBQ, Riley’s Good Dogs, RollMKE, Tatay’s Truck (AKA Meat connected the Street), Tots connected the Street and the Chillwaukee. The 4 Riverwest breweries volition besides beryllium slinging their trade brews. These see Black Husky Brewing, Company Brewing, Lakefront Brewery and of people Gathering Place Brewing. The lawsuit is escaped to be and volition tally from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

July 17: Bandit MKE Grand Opening Party

Bandit MKE, a vintage store specializing successful covering and accessories for each genders, has officially been unfastened since June 1st, but it’s celebrating its expansive opening successful benignant with a party. The lawsuit volition diagnostic peculiar deals connected Bandit MKE products, a acquisition paper raffle that volition payment charities, drinks and more. Tres Ojos, a concern that focuses connected art, metaphysical items and tarot reading, volition beryllium connected platform selling their wares arsenic well. The lawsuit volition tally signifier 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is escaped to enter.

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