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SmallPie, 2504 E. Oklahoma Ave. Photo taken June 8, 2021 by Cari Taylor-Carlson.

SmallPie, 2504 E. Oklahoma Ave. Photo taken June 8, 2021 by Cari Taylor-Carlson.

If you are looking for a vicinity café with patio dining, look nary further than SmallPie connected East Oklahoma successful Bay View. When friends and I came for a leisurely luncheon and immoderate Door County Cherry Limeade, we watched a dependable watercourse of neighbors travel and go, connected foot, connected bikes, successful cars, and adjacent a mates who arrived connected scooters. This carryout and delivery-only spot has an inviting patio facing Oklahoma, wherever umbrella-shaded tables promote lingering.

SmallPie is the offspring of Honeypie and Palomino, each portion of PIE Inc., known for pies, accepted and non, similar the Banana Black Bottom Pie I took location for later. Underneath a broad of unsweetened whipped cream, determination was custard filling, sliced bananas, and connected the bottom, a furniture of cocoa pudding, enough, but not excessively overmuch of everything.

This pastry and the different 2 that called to me, Cherry and Butterscotch, came from the Honeypie bakeshop. What made the pies exceptional were their flaky buttery crusts and the operation of decadent arsenic successful the affluent butterscotch pastry with its heavy topping of unsweetened whipped cream, and the restraint the baker utilized to marque the cherry pie. It was not overly sweet, an perfect level for the summation of crystal cream, preferably vanilla.

The savory Hand Pies are not to beryllium missed. Unlike accepted spanakopita, layers of filo dough, spinach, and feta, this Spanakopita Pie was overstuffed with caller spinach seasoned with lemon, a pastry that was some nutritious and tasty.

Another Hand Pie, the Cheeseburger, was sautéed crushed chuck combined with ketchup, mustard, and a concealed spice that gave it a enactment of sweet. It tasted similar a deconstructed cheeseburger. The Chicken Pot Pie was a basal cookware pie, chunks of achromatic nutrient successful a heavy gravy-like filling with carrots, peas, and corn. The crust for each pastry that friends and I sampled, had a crisp, flaky, fresh-from-the-oven taste, precisely what you expect from a edifice that calls itself SmallPie.

I person a caveat. The environmentally close woody utensils were useless erstwhile it came to cutting into the savory pies. After sawing astatine the crusts with our knives to nary avail, we gave up, and instead, pulled them isolated with our fingers and ate the pies with our hands. We decided to spell with immoderate works and inquire for other napkins, messy but effective.

Also connected the menu, a Daily Quiche. The cheesy Veggie Quiche was baked to perfection, with peppers, onions, and mushrooms, inactive crisp, making a delicious airy lunch. The accompanying Kale Salad — carrots, craisins, pepitas, and chiefly kale — was lightly dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.

The Cheese + Apple Melt, a sandwich, did not unrecorded up to its paper description. Melted cheddar, pome slices, caller spinach, and ranch dressing, sounded similar a slam dunk, but unfortunately, the “toasted” baguette tasted microwaved. When I asked an worker astir the process, she told maine they usage an oven that’s a operation of a microwave and a convection oven. When I travel back, she said, inquire to person the baguette “toasted” and that should lick the problem.

SmallPie opens astatine 8 a.m. regular and that means breakfast. You tin get a Sunrise Melt with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese, connected a baguette smeared with spicy mayo, oregon a Gas Station Breakfast Sammy with a sausage patty, cheddar cheese, and apricot jam, besides served connected a baguette. You could spell steadfast and bid a Granola Yogurt Parfait, oregon effort a Homemade Bagel with a spread, brew cheese, herbed pick cheese, oregon plain pick cheese, with apricot jam.

If you privation thing different than pastry oregon a Sammy, bid an Ice Cream interval made with Root Beer, Cream Soda, oregon Door County Cherry Limeade. For a kick, adhd booze, vodka, gin, tequila, oregon rum.

Going to SmallPie is similar going to a candy store for grownups. You basal extracurricular and regard astatine shelves covered with beauteous pies. You person to take and that’s not easy. One happening I cognize for sure. The Butterscotch Pie is infinitely amended than the butterscotch pastry I made successful Home Economics successful 7th grade.

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