Court Watch: County Courts Face Huge Backlog

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Milwaukee County Courthouse

Milwaukee County Courthouse. Photo by Jeramey Jannene

The Milwaukee County Circuit Court strategy faces a monolithic backlog of cases that could instrumentality a agelong clip to resolve.

In an interrogation with Urban Milwaukee, District Attorney John Chisholm estimated it could instrumentality up to 18 months to enactment done the backlog.

But Adam Plotkin, legislative liaison for the Wisconsin Public Defender’s Officetold the Wisconsin Examiner it could instrumentality 2 to 3 years to resoluteness each the aged cases. “When you’re talking astir tens of thousands of cases a year,” helium said, “everything moves a small spot slower, things stack up, they don’t resoluteness and, peculiarly for our backstage barroom partners, they don’t privation to judge caller cases until aged ones resolve.” 

It each started successful the opening of the COVID-19 pandemic, erstwhile the tribunal strategy was forced to adjacent in-person tribunal appearances. Last June it opened with constricted capableness to abide by societal distancing guidelines. Some tribunal appearances were, and inactive are, held implicit Zoom. 

“Operating with conscionable a fraction of those courts meant that you were putting cases disconnected further and further,” Chisholm said.

Across the authorities determination is simply a monolithic backlog of cases and assemblage trials that person built up implicit the past twelvemonth and a fractional due to the fact that of the pandemic, the Examiner reported. But Milwaukee County faces an further issue: There has besides been an uptick successful convulsive crime, according to the Milwaukee Police Department. Rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults each accrued successful 2020. Compared to 2019 numbers, 2020 saw a 95% summation successful Milwaukee homicides. 

“It’s a confluence of aggregate intersecting problems that person compounded and that resulted successful rates of unit that we person conscionable ne'er seen before,” Chisholm said. “These are historically precocious numbers.” 

Get a regular rundown of the apical stories connected Urban Milwaukee

This, according to Circuit Court Chief Judge Mary Triggiano, makes it hard to enactment done the backlog. “We’re trying to conflict getting the existent enactment done with trying to woody with the backlog,” she said. 

Every region successful the authorities has started to regularly clasp assemblage trials again, but astir fractional are inactive operating nether modified conditions and wellness restrictions, the Examiner reported. Courts successful Milwaukee are inactive utilizing Zoom for immoderate proceedings, but different cases, similar convulsive transgression cases wherever individuals person been waiting successful custody, are prioritized for in-person appearances. 

“There are conscionable immoderate things that person to beryllium done in-person,” Chisholm said. “Obviously a assemblage proceedings has to beryllium in-person.”

Triggiano said determination are a batch of benefits to Zoom proceedings, similar the convenience of participants not having to hold astatine the courthouse, but determination besides needs to beryllium much probe astir equitable entree to online resources. 

“We don’t cognize rather yet if determination are pockets of radical successful our assemblage that truly can’t entree our courts due to the fact that they don’t person bandwidth, phones oregon different exertion to bash it.” Triggiano said. “We’re going to proceed with caution astir continuing to bash distant hearings.” 

This backlog has besides caused exertion changes and improvements to assistance tribunal officials record cases much efficiently. 

“Just having the radical and the resources to enactment done the backlogs and marque definite we’re making decisions connected however we spell guardant is going to beryllium the biggest regulation to getting things backmost to normal,” Chisholm said. 

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