Court Watch: Budget Gives Judges An 11% Raise

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Wisconsin Supreme Court. Photo by Mariiana Tzotcheva.

Wisconsin Supreme Court. Photo by Mariiana Tzotcheva.

State tribunal judges are slated to get 11% wage raises implicit the adjacent 2 years, nether the fund signed past week by Gov. Tony Evers.

The raises would boost the wage of Wisconsin Supreme Court justices by astir $19,000. Circuit tribunal judges volition person the smallest boosts – much than $16,000.

Judges would get wage hikes of 5% starting successful January 2022 and different 6% successful January 2023, for a two-year full summation of 11.3%. The wealth for the raises was approved successful the budget, but the raises themselves indispensable beryllium approved by the Joint Committee connected Employment Relations.

The fund besides includes wide wage hikes for different authorities employees of 2% each year, for a full wage summation of somewhat much than 4%.

The generosity toward judges means that circuit tribunal judges, who are paid $147,535, would get $154,912 successful 2022 and $164,206 successful 2023, for a full wage summation of $16,671.

Appeals tribunal judges, who present marque $156,388, would marque $164,207 adjacent twelvemonth and $174,060 successful 2023, a leap of $17,672 from the existent salary.

Supreme Court justices, present paid $165,772, would get $174,061 successful 2022 and $184,504 successful 2023, an summation of $18,732.

The accrued judicial wage was enactment guardant by the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee. The judges-only raises – the 3% successful 2022 and 4% successful 2023 that different authorities workers are not getting – would cost about $3 cardinal implicit the biennium.

Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack, arsenic main justness successful 2017, lobbied unsuccessfully for judicial raises that would boost her ain wage by much than $20,000, to astir $152,000. Her efforts had the backing of firm interests who look earlier the court, including Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

The Legislature that twelvemonth approved two-year judicial raises totaling 4%.

Gretchen Schuldt writes a blog for Wisconsin Justice Initiative, whose ngo is “To amended the prime of justness successful Wisconsin by educating the nationalist astir ineligible issues and encouraging civic engagement successful and statement astir the judicial strategy and its operation.”

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