Capitol Police Officer Indicted For Helping Insurrectionist Hide Evidence

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A Capitol Police serviceman has been indicted connected 2 counts of obstruction of justness for advising an insurrectionist to delete grounds that helium participated successful the Capitol attack.

Here is simply a portion of the indictment:

BREAKING: @CapitolPolice Officer Michael Angelo Riley has been indicted connected 2 felony counts of obstruction for allegedly advising idiosyncratic who had taken portion successful the #CapitolRiot to instrumentality down photos implicating him successful January 6. Story soon. @wusa9 @EricFlackTV

— Jordan Fischer (@JordanOnRecord) October 15, 2021

It has agelong been suspected that those who tried to overthrow the authorities had assistance from wrong the halls of Congress and perchance from sympathetic constabulary officers astatine the Capitol. There person been stories of immoderate cops posing with the terrorists for selfies and adjacent allowing them to breach the Capitol.

Any constabulary serviceman who helped the terrorists who killed their chap officers betrayed their colleagues and their country.

One suspects that Reilly wasn’t the lone Capitol constabulary serviceman providing assistance and comfortableness to the enemies of democracy, and helium apt won’t beryllium the past to look transgression charges for a transgression that borders connected treasonous fixed the discourse of what happened connected January 6.

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