Campaign Cash: List of Evers Supporters Is Long

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Cash. (CC0 Creative Commons).

Cash. (CC0 Creative Commons).

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers accepted $20,000 contributions from astir three-dozen individuals and astir $1 cardinal from the authorities Democratic Party en way to raising $5 cardinal successful the archetypal fractional of 2021.

The governor’s run concern study covering fundraising and spending betwixt January and June showed helium accepted astir $3.1 cardinal successful full idiosyncratic contributions and much than $1.9 cardinal from governmental enactment committees (PACs) and governmental committees.

His run spent conscionable shy of $1.1 cardinal and had much than $7.3 cardinal successful the slope arsenic of June 30.

Evers’s apical contributor successful the archetypal fractional of 2021 was the authorities Democratic Party, which gave his run $1,010,000. That follows astir $2.2 cardinal successful contributions to Evers from the authorities enactment past year.

Evers’s different apical PAC and governmental committee contributors betwixt January and June were:

Democratic Governors Association, $86,000,

American Federation of Teachers, $86,000,

Engineers Political Education Committee, $86,000,

Laborers International Union of North America, $86,000.

The politician besides received the maximum yearly idiosyncratic contribution, which is $20,000, from 35 individuals totaling $700,000, oregon astir a 4th of his idiosyncratic contributions.

The $20,000 contributors were:

Michael Sonnenfeldt, of New York City, proprietor and president of TIGER 21,

Stacy Schusterman, of Tulsa, OK, president of the Samson Energy Co.,

Lynn Schusterman, of Tulsa OK, laminitis of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies,

Steven Stauber, of Beloit, retired proprietor of the Beloit Airport,

Rebecca Krantz, of Madison, proprietor of Many Stones Consulting,

Gwendolyn Sontheim, of Minnetonka, MN, whose household owns Cargill,

Mark Bakken, of Madison, laminitis of HealthX Ventures,

Judith Faulkner, of Mount Horeb, laminitis of Epic Systems,

Gordon Faulkner, of Mount Horeb, co-owner of Epic Systems,

Thomas Neujahr, a Madison developer,

Michael Williamson, of Chapel Hill, NC, a lawman authorities treasurer,

Karla Jurvetson, a Los Altos, CA physician,

Lynde Uihlein, of Milwaukee, president of the Brico Fund,

Alida Messinger, of Afton, MN, a philanthropist and an heir to the Rockefeller household fortune,

David Matthews, a Houston, TX attorney,

Robert Haselow, Medina, MN, a doc and president of Minneapolis Radiation Oncology,

Edward Snowdon, a New York City theatrical producer,

Deborah Kern, of Fox Point, president of the Garden Room and Anaba Tea Room,

Sage Weil, a Madison bundle developer who founded RedHat, Ceph, WebRing, DreamHost, and InkTank,

Elise Lawson, a Madison surgeon,

Joel Rogers, a University of Wisconsin-Madison professor,

Michael Morrissey, of Danville, CA, president and main enforcement officers of Exelixis,

Meghan Morrissey, of Danville, CA, not employed,

Laurits Christensen, of Madison, laminitis of Christensen Associates,

Beatrice Christensen, of Madison, laminitis of Christensen Associates,

Marie McKellar, of Dobbs Ferry, NY, retired Mercy College mathematics professor,

Marianne Lubar, of River Hills, co-owner of Lubar & Co.,

Sheldon Lubar, of River Hills, co-owner of Lubar & Co.,

Wendy Greeney, of Mequon, retired,

Paul Greeney, of Mequon, a retired University School of Milwaukee teacher,

James Berbee, of Madison, a University of Wisconsin Medical School professor,

Karen Walsh, of Madison, manager of the BerbeeWalsh Foundation,

William Penzey, of Milwaukee, laminitis of Penzeys Spices,

Jeri Penzey, of Milwaukee, a manager astatine Penzeys Spices,

Joseph Sensenbrenner, a manager astatine the Center for Resilient Cities.

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