Broncos betting future on these two rising stars

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Retiring Broncos skipper Alex Glenn says he's arrogant of what the aboriginal holds for the club, declaring Brisbane are successful possession of immoderate of the competition's astir breathtaking young talent.

Glenn, 33, past period hung up the boots aft 285 NRL games for the Broncos, successful which helium became the club's 4th most-capped subordinate of each time, down lone Darren Lockyer (355), Corey Parker (347) and Sam Thaiday (304).

While the seasons didn't spell arsenic planned for Glenn and the Broncos, who missed retired connected finals shot for the second-straight year, the retiring skipper says the nine volition person plentifulness of momentum to physique connected going into adjacent season.

After winning lone 2 games from their opening 10 matches, the Broncos recovered immoderate consistency successful the backmost fractional of the play and bowed retired having won 2 from their past three.

Retiring Bronco Alex Glenn (Getty)

"It came down to our attitude, the boys' cognition conscionable switched," helium told Wide World of Sports.

"The boys astatine the commencement of the season, we were losing games by large margins and erstwhile teams got 1 oregon 2 tries ahead, we tended to spell successful our ammunition and shy distant from the challenge.

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"The past 7 weeks of the season, the boys ramped it up and truly started knowing what archetypal people was similar - it's not ever going to spell your mode connected the footy field.

"But the mentality switched and erstwhile we were down connected the scoreboard, we knew we had to combat hard to get retired of it. That was the biggest part, our mentality.

"[The turnaround] came from grit and determination to support moving hard for each other. That was the astir affirmative thing. I was arrogant of however we finished."

TC Robati, Selwyn Cobbo (NRL )

The 2021 play saw Broncos manager Kevin Walters humor a big of young stars.

While the likes of Xavier Coates and Reece Walsh person departed the nine for rivals, Glenn is assured the remaining harvest of players coming done person plentifulness to offer.

Glenn is touting Broncos' rookie of the twelvemonth Kobe Hetherington arsenic a aboriginal Maroon, portion the likes of teen stars' Selwyn Cobbo and TC Robati punctual the ex-skipper of Greg Inglis and superstar back-rower David Fifiita respectively.

Hetherington became a Broncos regular aft Round 11, featuring connected 14 occasions, portion 19-year-old extracurricular backmost Cobbo played 7 games and Robati, 19, played 10.

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"Selwyn Cobbo, coming done helium lone had a fistful of games for us, but his footy caput and the mode helium plays, it reminds maine of a young Greg Inglis," Glenn said.

The question Kevvie indispensable inquire successful aftermath of Milford surge

"He's got that aforesaid build, precise tall, precise fast, precise powerful. This was his archetypal year.

"This summertime volition beryllium his archetypal pre-season with the squad and we're going to spot him grow. The adjacent mates of years volition beryllium breathtaking for him.

"TC Robati, who's playing successful the second-row, helium filled successful for a mates of games erstwhile I was out... he's different subordinate that's got a batch of spot and batch of powerfulness going into the game.

"He reminds maine of David Fifita, conscionable a small spot smaller. I tin spot him going acold successful the game.

"He's got that versatility to either play successful the mediate arsenic a fastener oregon prop, but besides spell into the second-row arsenic well.

"Kobe Hetherington, helium played a fistful of games and got our Rookie of the Year. I tin spot him having a large aboriginal and imaginable Origin arsenic well."

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Queensland's Alex Glenn and Jordan Kahu took connected NSW's Dallin Watene-Zelezniak and Josh Dugan successful a State vs State conflict successful Verdansk, and they clinched the win.

"It was unreal," Glenn said of the experience.

"We spell toe-to-toe connected the shot field, but to spell into conflict was unreal. Obviously, determination is simply a batch of competitiveness betwixt america each and we ever speech it up astir who's the amended Call of Duty player, it was bully to spell head-to-head against the New South Wales boys.

"We (Queensland) came retired victorious, truthful it was bittersweet for us. The acquisition for america was unreal and I anticipation there's much successful the future

"Massive sledging [goes connected betwixt us], it's successful our DNA. There's ever banter connected the footy field... there's a batch of sledging and it's inactive going today. Even erstwhile we bump into each different we speech astir it."

Speaking connected Vanguard, Glenn said: "Beta was an unreal penetration into the crippled and I'm decidedly pumped astir Vanguard. A batch of features successful the crippled that I truly enjoyed - You tin upgrade your weapon connected the spell portion you're successful the game... I truly similar that part, it gives everyone the accidental to level up your guns."

Call of Duty: Vanguard launches connected PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S oregon PC connected 5th November AEDT/NZDT and is available for pre-order now.

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