Back in the News: Evers Is Flush With Cash

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Tony Evers. File photograph  from Tony for Wisconsin.

Tony Evers. File photograph from Tony for Wisconsin.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers is raising a batch of money.

His run announced that for the play January done June 2021 the politician raised $5 cardinal from much than 17,000 idiosyncratic contributors, with contributions from each region successful Wisconsin.

The study “shows Evers successful a importantly stronger presumption than past gubernatorial re-election campaigns,” the run announced. “In fact, Evers’ cash-on-hand of $7.3 cardinal is 3 times higher than what Scott Walker reported astatine this constituent successful 2017 and 2013 up of his re-election campaign.”

Cash connected hand, however, reflects not conscionable wealth raised, but however overmuch has been spent. Walker was a prodigious fundraiser, with immense amounts coming from wealthy, out-of-state Republican donors and raised and spent $36.2 cardinal connected his losing 2018 reelection campaign, compared to conscionable $10.8 cardinal raised and spent by Evers, arsenic the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign (WDC) reported.

Of course, Evers is present the incumbent, which makes it acold easier to rise money. He raised $3.8 cardinal successful 2020, arsenic Urban Milwaukee reported“We aren’t taking thing for granted – that’s wherefore we’re starting aboriginal and gathering the beardown instauration we request to re-elect Governor Evers successful 2022,” said Tony for Wisconsin Campaign Manager Cassi Fenili.

He inactive has a agelong mode to spell to lucifer Walker’s totals for the 2018 election. And adjacent if helium does, Democrats could beryllium outclassed successful 3rd enactment spending. In 2018, astir $58 cardinal of the much than $93 cardinal connected the governor’s contention came from 3rd enactment spending, with $3 cardinal much of it going to enactment Walker, arsenic the WDC reported.

But that depends connected however beardown a campaigner the GOP runs against Evers. Walker looked similar a beardown stake to triumph reelection successful 2018. If Republicans aren’t unified successful backing a challenger to Evers (and close present nary campaigner considering the contention has lit a occurrence with the party), extracurricular backing whitethorn not beryllium arsenic strong.

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